April 2010
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Did you Miss Us at COLLABORATE 10?

COLLABORATE 10 was in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 18-22. The conference had more than 400 user-driven sessions and was a key opportunity for customers to learn more about Oracle software and network with other users.

“COLLABORATE 10 is one of the largest user conferences of the year and should not be missed. This conference represents three of Oracle's largest user communities that are focused on technology and applications.

“The customer feedback sessions provided by the Oracle Applications User Experience team offer opportunities for customers to interact with Oracle software. The User Experience team takes feedback from these sessions to improve product usability and usefulness of Oracle software.”

– Mary Lou Dopart, Senior Director Global Customer Programs, Oracle Corporation

The User Experience Team conducted onsite usability customer feedback sessions at COLLABORATE 10. If you missed us and would like to participate in upcoming sesssions, e-mail angela.johnston@oracle.com.

Read more about the conference and the User Experience team’s involvement.
Customer Recruitment: An Interview with Angela Johnston
Photograph by Teena Singh, Oracle Applications User Experience.  
Angela Johnston, a Senior Usability Lab Engineer at Oracle, recruits for customer feedback sessions that are held at conferences that Oracle customers attend.
Photograph by Teena Singh, Oracle Applications User Experience.
Q. What days will the User Experience team be running the usability lab at COLLABORATE 10?
Sessions will be held on Tuesday, April 20, and Wednesday, April 21.

Q. How many studies will be conducted at the conference?

We are planning to run eight different sessions over the course of the two days.  Each session calls for approximately six to eight participants.

Q. If a customer is attending COLLABORATE 10 and is interested in participating in a customer feedback session, what should they do?
Send an e-mail to angela.johnston@oracle.com or contact me by phone at 925.694.7254.

Q. Why are the sessions scheduled in advance?
We schedule sessions in advance to ensure that we match each individual to the appropriate session that best fits the tasks that they complete every day.

Q. Does a confidentiality agreement need to be signed in order for customers to complete a session?
We do prefer to run sessions with customers who have a Customer Participation Confidentiality Agreement (CPCA) on file. This means that the attendee’s organization has a company-level confidentiality agreement with Oracle; therefore, we can collaborate openly during the sessions and collect feedback on our future products and so on.

Q. What are the advantages of getting the CPCA signed?
In addition to what I mentioned about feedback, this document also covers participation in future usability activities as well as other development activities, such as customer advisory boards and user councils.

Q. How can I keep in touch and know where the User Experience team will be next?
Customers who want to know about available customer feedback opportunities should join our LinkedIn Group to keep in touch and receive notifications in between newsletters.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas at Alliance 2010
Photograph by Angela Johnston, Oracle Applications  User Experience.
The User Experience team recently returned from the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) conference: Alliance 2010. This year’s event was held in San Antonio, Texas, and was attended by hundreds of higher education, government, and public sector users of Oracle applications.  The User Experience team used this opportunity to reach out to some of our customers in the education and government sectors to try to better understand how their organizations are approaching help, messages, and other forms of user assistance. Read more.
Erika Webb, Oracle User Experience Manager, conducts a customer feedback session at the Alliance conference in March.
Photograph by Angela Johnston, Oracle Applications User Experience.
Meet One of Our Recent Participants: Michele Thibodeau, Butler University
Photograph by Teena Singh, Oracle Applications User Experience.
Michele, a Senior Information Systems Analyst who provides technical and functional support to areas using PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and PeopleTools, is a member of the Customer Participation Program (CPP) and regularly receives the CPP newsletter. Michele has participated in an eye-tracking activity in the past and provided feedback on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at the Alliance Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Here’s what Michele said about participating in a recent customer feedback session:

“I had an interesting customer feedback session at the Alliance conference. I knew very little about the OTN and had just visited it for the first time a few weeks before. So my session gave me a chance to see a bit more of some sample OTN information available, as well as to see how Oracle determines how to structure the information. Clearly, there’s a great deal of interest
Michele Thibodeau, of Butler University, smiles for the camera with Senior Usability Lab Engineer Angela Johnston.
Photograph by Teena Singh, Oracle Applications User Experience.

in how people take in data, how they process Web pages, and what they like and dislike to see on a page.

“In my job as a developer, I am asked to format and reformat pages and to present data, but rarely do I have the time or the background to research to see if a small change here or there could mean the difference between a very successful change and one that’s not so successful. So I found it intriguing to see such attention being paid to seemingly small details.

All in all, I enjoyed my session. Teena, Angela, and the others were very nice and very patient with me, as I scheduled my session at the end of a very, very busy conference day.”
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