January 2010
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Where Will the Oracle Applications UX Team Be in 2010?

The Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team works closely with Oracle product managers to conduct usability testing and presentations at Oracle user conferences. We will be at several conferences in 2010 as well. Planning and preparation for these events is already in the works. Here’s a list of conferences that we will attend in the first half of the year:
  • Alliance 2010: San Antonio, Texas; Feb. 28 - March 3
  • OBUG Benelux Connect 2010: Arnhem, Netherlands; March 23
  • COLLABORATE 10: Las Vegas, Nevada; April 18-22
  • OHUG: Las Vegas, Nevada; June 13-17
Will you be there too? Sign up for one of our on-site product usability testing sessions to get a peek at next-generation enterprise applications and learn about Oracle’s pioneering user-centered design process. These events are by invitation only, so please let us know if you are interested by e-mailing angela.johnston@oracle.com or checking out the Usable Apps Web site for more information.
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The Oracle Applications UX team is seeking feedback on the content and delivery of information about the Oracle Applications user experience. Do you want to view webcasts or hear podcasts? Is it easier to attend a live webcast or download it? What applications would you like to hear more about? Please answer a few short questions that will help us determine how we can better address your needs as a customer.
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Oracle Usability Advisory Board Opens Up at OpenWorld
Anna Wichansky, Senior Director, Applications User Experience and Chair, Oracle Usability Advisory Board
What do a private university controller, a federal laboratory IT manager, an industry business solutions manager, and a state college administrative director have in common? Answer: They all want to maximize the user experience of their co-workers with enterprise software.

During a recent panel at Oracle OpenWorld 2009 in October in San Francisco, members of the Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB) discussed how they collaborate with Oracle to improve that important but often elusive product quality: usability. The OpenWorld session “How Customer Collaboration Improves the User Experience” gave audience members insight into how the OUAB works and what that means for Oracle’s customers. For more information on the OUAB, contact anna.wichansky@oracle.com or visit the Usable Apps Web site.
Want to Be More Involved?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Customer Participation Program, would like to tour our usability labs, or would like to take part in a usability session, we’d like to make that happen. Help us get to know you a little better by completing our nomination form and returning it to angela.johnston@oracle.com.
Eye-tracking tools are among the latest technologies that the Oracle Applications UX team employs to help evaluate the user experience
of Oracle software.
We can offer you a first-hand look at how the Oracle Applications UX team conducts usability activities and research on Oracle products and services, using the latest technologies.

Usability activities happen all year. Many activities are conducted remotely from your location, as our goal is to have everyday users provide feedback on our products. These users include employees, managers, accounting professionals, human resource professionals, sales professionals, business analysts, and many others. To be included in future usability activities, contact angela.johnston@oracle.com.
FAQ: What Happens to Your Feedback?

The Oracle Applications UX team collects data at customer sites, in Oracle’s usability labs, and through remote usability testing. The UX team member who conducts these activities usually is working with a product development team on a new or enhanced application. The UX team member tabulates the data, analyzes it, and prepares a summary with recommendations. The whole development team then is briefed on the results, followed by a discussion about how best to implement the recommendations. The UX team member has two goals at these meetings: advocate for Oracle customers and negotiate the best solutions within the objectives for the product (and the constraints under which it must work).

Would you like to submit an FAQ? Send your question to teena.singh@oracle.com.
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