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March 2012
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Where Will the Oracle Applications User Experience Team Be in 2012?

The Oracle Applications UX team will be at several conferences in 2012, and planning and preparation for these events is already in the works.
Check Out UX Presentations at the Following User Group Conferences

The Oracle Applications UX team will be delivering several presentations, mostly focusing on the innovative user experience in Oracle Fusion Applications. Check the Usable Apps Events page for more information on who’s presenting and what they’re talking about.
Sign Up for User Feedback Sessions

The Oracle Applications UX team works closely with Oracle product teams to conduct usability research at customer events. Sign up for one of our onsite product usability testing sessions to get a peek at next-generation enterprise applications and learn about Oracle’s pioneering user-centered design process. Get the most from your conference experience by participating in a usability feedback session, where your feedback will help Oracle develop unbeatable products and solutions.
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New Oracle PeopleSoft Releases Embrace Usability
Learn how the user experience in PeopleSoft is thriving. The just-released PeopleTools 8.52 and Feature Pack 2 in PeopleSoft 9.1 are bringing more user experience features to PeopleSoft users and are showing how Oracle has committed to boosting productivity and efficiency for customers. Visit Usable Apps to read what Paco Aubrejuan, Group Vice President for PeopleSoft, said at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 about the PeopleSoft user experience, and get an early look at what to expect in the latest deliverables.
Paco Aubrejuan, Group Vice President for PeopleSoft
Built for Sales: Oracle Fusion Applications CRM User Experience
Anthony Lye, Senior Vice President, Oracle CRM
Salespeople are often on the move, tight on time, and in need of key information at critical moments. So the Oracle Applications UX team delivers a user experience in Oracle Fusion Applications that is sharp, focused, and useful. Read more about how the Oracle Fusion Applications user experience is designed to support sales, and how we know we got it right, at Usable Apps.
Visit Our New Blog, VoX: Voice of User Experience for Applications
Check this blog for the latest opinions, updates, and events from the Oracle's Applications UX team. We cover E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Agile, Oracle Fusion, PeopleSoft, and more.

The Oracle Applications UX team recently played host to Intel, where we shared user experience best practices. Watch a video to see what Intel took away from the daylong event.
LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ORACLE FUSION APPLICATIONS USER EXPERIENCE: The team also recently held special training for several members of the Oracle Fusion User Experience Advocates (FXA) group. Read more about the one-day event to learn how you can take advantage of the group’s unique training on the Oracle Fusion Applications user experience at your next user group event.

INNOVATIVE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Responding to FXA Chris Muir's LinkedIn call, Director of Oracle Global User Experience Ultan O'Broin (@ultan) contributed an "I am an Oracle Applications user experience professional ..." post to the Application Development Framework Enterprise Methodology Group's (ADF EMG) online forum about user experience in January. For a worldwide audience (700+ members), O’Broin described what user experience is and the tangible benefits for applications developers and implementers. The discussion ranged from top usability tips and tricks to the more complex use of ADF persistence framework for tailoring and language support. One forum respondent said the exchange was "very informative and constructive discussion, and it's really amazing to see how the [Oracle] Fusion product was designed with UX in mind." Another said he's now "participated in a usability study for new JDev UI features." Read more on the VoX blog.
Oracle Fusion Applications UX White Papers

The Oracle Fusion Applications UX group has created a series of white papers to better communicate the world-class user experience features of Oracle Fusion Applications and to describe the process that the group uses to design these features. Download your copy now.
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