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June 2014
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We’re just about half-way through the year, and we want to share how much we’ve enjoyed meeting many of you at the Oracle usability labs, user group conferences, and partner events. Thank you for your interest in our activities and newsletters.

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Upcoming Events
In 2014, our team is delivering several presentations, demos, usability activities, and partner events focusing on the innovative user experience and the simplified user interface of Oracle Applications. Check the Usable Apps Events page for more information about our events.
OHUG Global Conference: June 913, 2014, The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
OHUG Global Conference 2014
The Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) is an organization devoted exclusively to providing users with valuable insight into Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud (including Fusion and Taleo) applications.
Onsite Usability Lab: Sign Up to Participate in a Usability Feedback Session
If you will be attending the OHUG Global Conference 2014, don’t miss an exciting opportunity to participate in a usability feedback session where you can contribute to and influence application design and direction by offering feedback while test-driving Oracle next-generation applications. Your feedback can directly impact the existing and future usability of Oracle applications, helping us continue to develop applications that are intuitive and easy to use.

Dates: June 10–11, 2014
Location: The Mirage Hotel, Room Bermuda B
Advance sign-up is required.
Anin Choudhary, Oracle Senior Interaction Designer observes as Guohong Dong, Oracle Principal UX Designer, conducts a usability feedback session at the OHUG conference last year
sign up now
Applications UX Presentation: Oracle HCM Cloud User Experience Strategy
Simplicity, mobility, and extensibility are the key themes driving the Oracle Applications User Experience team’s next generation of Oracle user experiences. Oracle HCM Cloud is a first-class example of what this strategy looks like today, and will look like tomorrow, for both employees and managers. Attend our presentation to see the simplified user interface, and learn about the vision for the next generation of mobile user experiences.

Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Location: The Mirage Hotel, Room Barbados A
ODTUG Kscope14: June 22–26, 2014, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington
ODTUG Kscope14
ODTUG is an independent, not-for-profit, global organization whose sole purpose is to keep you on the cutting-edge of the constantly changing technology landscape. Kscope14 will feature more than 250 technical sessions, full-day symposiums, hands-on training courses, informal networking sessions, and a plethora of chances to increase your technical know-how by learning from the best.
Demo Station: Cloud Applications User Experience: The Future of What Your Employees Will Touch, See, and Hear
The Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience strategy is based on simplicity, mobility, and extensibility—themes that are increasingly important to today’s enterprise applications users. Visit our demo station to see the simplified user interface for workers who need a light-weight user interface. Hear about a new way to interact with your enterprise by smartphone when you're on the go. Learn how to manipulate massive amounts of data elegantly through gestures on a tablet.
Oracle Applications UX demo station
Applications UX Presentations:
Oracle Cloud and the New Frontier of User Experience
Science fiction isn't fiction anymore, and people aren't tied to PCs and desks. Everything is a device, everything is connected, everything is smart, and everything is an experience. Come see the R&D work of the Oracle Applications User Experience team and explore new devices, trends, and platforms.

Date: June 23, 2014
Time: 10:45 am –11:45 am
Oracle Mobile User Experience Strategy for Cloud Applications
Oracle has developed a strategy for building outstanding mobile applications. Learn about three key themes that are applied to our overall design and development process.

Date: June 23, 2014
Time: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Past Events
On April 8–9, the Oracle Applications User Experience team hosted an onsite usability lab at the COLLABORATE 14 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We tested application designs for Oracle HCM Cloud, the new user experience for Oracle Fusion Applications Help, Oracle Fusion Applications for procurement, Taleo recruiting, social relationship management using eye-tracking technology, and more. Our team conducted 58 one-on-one feedback sessions over the course of two days.
We asked participants what they enjoyed most about the session, and here’s what they said:

“I enjoyed the opportunity to have my opinion heard and hopefully provided valuable input to shape the user experience in future product development. I think this is an excellent program and the instructors made me feel extremely comfortable.” - Donna Mackin, UGI Utilities, Inc.

“I learned that they do put tons of effort into making the new products usable and efficient. They are listening.” - Yvette Plasencia, Sandia National Laboratories
Erika Webb, Senior Manager, Oracle Applications User Experience, moderates a feedback session with an Oracle customer
“I liked getting my hands on something that is still under development at Oracle. I actually like the idea of getting the feedback before releasing the product as opposed to after the release.” - Bharath Danda, Schneider
Update from the Oracle Usability Advisory Board
Anna Wichansky, Senior Director, Oracle Applications User Experience, reports that a recent Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile App Designer (BI MAD) webinar with the Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB) was a huge hit. She says that 22 OUAB customers dialed in to hear Kan Nishida's webinar on Business Intelligence Mobile App Designer in March.

The webinar included participants from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and North America. Kan is Director of Product Development and co-inventor of BI MAD; he regularly blogs about its best practices.
Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile Application Designer makes BI usable on multiple mobile platforms
The development of BI MAD is of general interest to practically all OUAB customers because the software is compatible with Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, and Oracle JD Edwards application platforms. BI MAD enables business users to easily build interactive analytical apps that are fully integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition or OBIEE, that leverage Oracle's security middleware, and that can be deployed on any mobile device. Kan described the general framework for use and showed multiple prototypes for iPad implementations made with BI MAD. The product is available to customers right now, with website and other online support. For customers looking for ways to improve BI usability and mobile access, this is definitely a product of interest.
Anyone may download the trial edition of the Business Intelligence Mobile App Designer from Oracle Technology Network. The product is available from Oracle Support as a patch for BI

To learn more about the Oracle Usability Advisory Board, visit us on Usable Apps.
Oracle UX Direct
Oracle Applications User Experience is looking beyond sales to help our customers deploy our applications that deliver great user experiences. Bringing insight from our field studies, Madhuri Kolhatkar, Director of User Experience has created the Oracle UX Direct program to change how our customers deploy their enterprise solutions. The IT industry is transitioning from deploying enterprise applications with complex business processes with feature overload to delivering just what the users need. Great usability and user experience are key requirements from business users today. Simplicity, mobility, and extensibility are our guiding themes.
To enable this transition, Oracle UX Direct offers customers, partners, and IT professionals the same user-centered design process, proven best practices, and product-specific design patterns that we use internally. We are delighted to share our knowledge, user experience strategies, and processes to help others increase user adoption.

For example, if you are extending or building your mobile applications using Oracle Applications Development Framework (ADF) technologies, you can leverage ADF Mobile Design patterns to create the experience your users need. After you conceptualize a design, we recommend that you conduct a user feedback session for your application. This process helps ensure that you deploy the applications that truly meet your users’ needs.
UX Direct site
If you need help creating a user experience strategy for your organization, contact us today and we can help put you on the right track.
Voice of User Experience Blog
Harvard Teams Up with UX Direct
Read a posting on the Voice of User Experience (VoX) blog about an Oracle Usability Advisory Board member experience with UX Direct: Harvard University uses UX Direct for their new PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. UX Direct offers customers and partners the same resources that the Oracle Applications User Experience team uses to build Oracle applications.

Doing our Homework
Head to the VoX blog to read about how New Oracle developers get a taste of Raspberry Pi. By holding occasional hack days, Oracle’s own developers get a chance to play around with the latest technology and think about how to apply that technology to the business world and its users. Then check in at the AppsLab for a post on how some of the Oracle Applications User Experience developers applied Raspberry Pi for a project of their own in New Robot Arm Hotness, an example that showcases how innovation is always ongoing.
User Experience Highlights in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle E-Business Suite
Hear about the JD Edwards user experience from Gary Grieshaber, Senior Director, EnterpriseOne Product Strategy, in this video, which showcases today’s user experience highlights in Oracle’s JD Edwards applications.
Hear about the Oracle E-Business Suite user experience from Nadia Bendjedou, Senior Director, Oracle E-Business Suite Product Strategy, in this video, which showcases today's user experience highlights in Oracle’s E-Business Suite applications.
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