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Enterprise Network Monitoring Using Treemaps


Treemaps may provide significant advantages over tabular data in corporate enterprise applications, due to their inherent ability to support users’ integration of multiple dimensions of information.  This study investigated the usability of treemaps for enterprise system administrators who monitor servers and web applications.  Manipulated factors included hierarchy representation, data scale, and comparison with unsorted tables.  The treemap hierarchy representations differed significantly in their support of the identification, comparison, and analysis tasks, but were significantly faster and more accurate than tabular data views.  Treemap learnability was at least as successful as for tables.  Performance differences between treemaps and tables increased with increasing size of datasets.  Users’ subjective ratings overwhelmingly supported treemaps over tabular data views.  These results suggest that treemaps should be included as a standard graphical component in enterprise-level data analysis and monitoring applications.


Goldberg, J.H., and Helfman, J.I. (2005), Enterprise Network Monitoring Using Treemaps, Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Santa Monica, CA: HFES, pp. 671-675.

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