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Evaluating User Expectations for Widescreen Content Layout


Corporate large display usage is rapidly increasing due to lower costs and the promise of high worker productivity.  In light of this, a formative evaluation of content layout and expansion in large browser windows was conducted to help inform an evolving large display design pattern.  Ten corporate analysts provided opinions as they stretched a browser window on a prototype application.  Left justification of content was preferred, and content should resize and flow as pages resize.  They expected the page splitter to remain stationary, while content to the right of the splitter should resize and move in proportion to available page area.  Tables should always show all columns, unless a horizontal scrollbar is present.  Graphs and maps should resize with constant aspect ratio, with predefined minimum and maximum sizes that are based on intended tasks.  Overall, a constraint-based liquid layout is recommended to accommodate many display sizes, without redesigning for each display.


Goldberg, J.H.  and Helfman, J.I. (2007), Evaluating User Expectations for Widescreen Content Layout, Paper presented at the Usability Professionals' Association Conference, Austin, TX, USA.

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