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Research Articles

Here you will find research articles by some of the staff here at Oracle. These articles vary in their scope and material, but they will give you a glimpse into how we think and what we are thinking about.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) International 2009 Research Papers (San Diego, CA)   New
Oracle's User Experience professionals present at International Conference on HCI

At the 13th annual Human Computer Internation International Conference in San Diego, CA, Oracle sent a team of user experience researchers to present and participate in an exchange of scientific information…

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Information Visualization
Selecting the Best Graph Based on Data, Tasks, and User Roles

Enterprise software developers and product managers often have difficulty selecting appropriate graph types for business users of applications. Existing solutions for organizing graph types are not adequately focused...

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Enterprise Network Monitoring Using Treemaps

Treemaps may provide significant advantages over tabular data in corporate enterprise applications, due to their inherent ability to support users' integration of multiple dimensions of information. This study investigated...

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Evaluating User Expectations for Widescreen Content Layout

Corporate large display usage is rapidly increasing due to lower costs and the promise of high worker productivity. In light of this, a formative evaluation of content layout and expansion in large browser windows...

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Developing Application Design Guidelines for Large and Multiple Displays

Enterprise use of large and multiple displays will soon dramatically increase due to increased availability, lower prices, and the potential for enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction. Current enterprise application...

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Best Practices and Future Visions for Search User Interfaces

The authors describe a set of best practices that were developed to assist in the design of search user interfaces. Search user interfaces represent a challenging design domain because novices who have no desire to learn...

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Why structure and genre matter for users of digital information

In an effort to understand the impact of designing for digital genres on users' mental representations of structure, a two-phase study was conducted. In phase 1, six expert news readers and a panel of HCI...

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Capturing Longitudinal Usability: What really affects user performance over time?

In this Special Interest Group (SIG) the attendees discussed methods for capturing usability data over time. Specifically, they shared industry best practices, brainstormed alternative solutions, as well as compared...

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