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Oracle Fusion Middleware: The Backbone of Oracle’s Next-Generation Applications User Experience
By Kathy Miedema July 6, 2012

The Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team likes to remind people that user experience is more than just a pretty user interface (UI). The Oracle Applications UX team has spent thousands of hours observing customers, getting to know their needs, and learning how Oracle software can fit seamlessly and productively into the way that they do their work.… 

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Putting the Customer at the Center of Agile 9.3’s Universe
By Kathy Miedema May 7, 2010

Two and a half years of research, design iterations, and heavy customer feedback have produced the new Agile 9.3 user experience, which delivers a dramatic improvement in productivity for users. Oracle has invested substantially in adding features and enhancements … 

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Getting the Most from an Oracle Self-Service Application
By Joe Dumas February 19, 2010

With self-service software applications, such as a Web site on which employees look up health benefits, customers expect to be able to "walk up and use" the software without training, assistance from a manual, or help from a fellow worker. If customers can’t accomplish their tasks the first time with a self-service application, they often give up quickly when they encounter difficulties… 

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Customers Integral to Oracle’s Reshaping of RDC 4.5.3
By Kathy Miedema April 6, 2009

When key customers from the pharmaceutical world came to Oracle recently, asking for improvements on Oracle’s electronic data capture (EDC) software for clinical trials, Oracle decided to step back and start fresh… 

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