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AppsLab, the OAUX Emerging Technologies team

Continuous research into new and emerging
technology influences the future of Oracle’s
user experience. Read about the strategy
and methodologies employed.

“Glance, scan, commit”

“Glance, scan, commit” isn’t just a design philosophy, it’s guiding the Oracle user experience strategy in the same way that emerging technology is guiding the direction of the Oracle Applications User Experience team’s R&D. Like the infolets in the simplified user interface user experience design to the left, emerging technology can provide a window into your company’s data and the decisions you need to make as you work.

Read more from Oracle Senior Director Jake Kuramoto on how the "glance, scan, commit" philosophy permeates our emerging technologies research.

Internet of Things

Wearables and the Oracle user experience

Oracle Voice


Today’s users have access to an overwhelming amount of information. How does Oracle’s user experience team help you sift through all of this data and make it meaningful to you?

Oracle leverages today’s innovative technologies to build contemporary, flexible, context-based visualizations that allow users to see and explore information in ways that are fun, easy, and make the most sense to you. Watch one of these webinars on visualizations:

Where we’re going

Wondering what the AppsLab, the OAUX emerging technologies team, is researching and building next? Here’s a look at the technology that went into the Oracle smart office:

The Future of Work: What does a Smart Office look like today?

Hit the AppsLab blog for details on the latest gadgets we’re researching.

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