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Oracle’s UX Thinking Behind Big Data: Endeca Information Discovery
By John Fuller Sept 10, 2013

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (EID) performs a complementary role to other enterprise business intelligence (BI) systems by addressing questions not easily answered by many other tools. Because EID is designed from the ground up around a hybrid search and faceted navigation model of finding things, it enables users to isolate relevant sets of data …

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Simplified UI in Oracle Fusion Applications Fronts Oracle Cloud Offerings
By Kathy Miedema July 23, 2013

The next evolution of the Oracle user experience—the simplified user interface for Oracle Applications Cloud—embraces three themes that are increasingly important for today’s productive users: simplicity, mobility, and extensibility. The innovative design relies on elegantly simple designs, smooth transitions to mobile platforms …

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User Experience, Mobile Strategies Define Focus for Oracle Enterprise Apps
By Kathy Miedema Jan. 2, 2013

User experience and mobile. These two themes are guiding many of the innovations coming across Oracle’s enterprise software product lines. Both were among the top highlights at OpenWorld 2012 across all Oracle enterprise applications conference sessions. …

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Oracle Fusion Middleware: The Backbone of Oracle’s Next-Generation Applications User Experience
By Kathy Miedema Jul. 6, 2012

Oracle is making a bold statement about usability with recent releases from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne—all based oThe Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team likes to remind people that user experience is more than just a pretty user interface (UI). The Oracle Applications UX team has spent…

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Sweeping Change in User Experience Defines New JD Edwards Releases
By Kathy Miedema Feb. 9, 2012

Oracle is making a bold statement about usability with recent releases from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne—all based on tools and gestures that offer an improved user experience. …

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Collaborative Effort Energizes Oracle E-Business Suite User Experience
By Kathy Miedema Dec. 9, 2011

The new user experience features in Oracle E-Business Suite redefine how productive and efficient users can be. Before the Oracle Applications User Experience team began redesigning work flows for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3, launched in December 2009, Oracle demonstrated…

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New PeopleSoft Releases Embrace Usability
By Kathy Miedema Nov. 23, 2011

The PeopleSoft user experience is not only improving, it is thriving—and new user experience features added in the latest releases are showing just how much value Oracle places on usability. …

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PeopleTools 8.50: A Tool Kit to Help Craft a Better User Experience
By Kathy Miedema Aug. 11, 2011

With PeopleTools 8.50, PeopleSoft has provided a set of cool, new user interface features that focus on usability. This has allowed PeopleSoft to kick off a substantial ripple effect across all of its applications, which has the potential to improve the user experience for every PeopleSoft user…

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Customer Input from Around Globe Aids Design of Software for Pharmaceutical Sales
By Kathy Miedema Apr. 5, 2011

In designing CRM On Demand Offline Client for Life Sciences, a tablet-based enterprise application tailored for pharmaceutical sales representatives, the Applications User Experience (UX) team tapped into Oracle’s global customer base to figure out what a pharmaceutical sales rep…

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New User Experience Enhancements Improve Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Software
By Kathy Miedema Mar. 27, 2011

The new user experience enhancements in E-Business Suite 12.1.3 go beyond enhancing the usability of the software, and provide an early look at how the user experience of Oracle enterprise software is evolving. E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.1.3 uses the next generation of software design patterns…

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Putting the Customer at the Center of Agile 9.3’s Universe
By Kathy Miedema May 7, 2010

Two and a half years of research, design iterations, and heavy customer feedback have produced the new Agile 9.3 user experience, which delivers a dramatic improvement in productivity for users. Oracle has invested substantially in adding features and enhancements that not only make users…

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Getting the Most from an Oracle Self-Service Application
By Joe Dumas Feb. 19, 2010

With self-service software applications, such as a Web site on which employees look up health benefits, customers expect to be able to “walk up and use” the software without training, assistance from a manual, or help from a fellow worker. If customers can’t accomplish their tasks the first time…

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Customers Integral to Oracle’s Reshaping of RDC 4.5.3
By Kathy Miedema Apr. 6, 2009

When key customers from the pharmaceutical world came to Oracle recently, asking for improvements on Oracle’s electronic data capture (EDC) software for clinical trials…

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Oracle Team Crafts Solutions for Mobile Devices
By Kathy Miedema Mar. 20, 2009

Building enterprise applications for today’s mobile devices comes with a unique set of challenges. But bringing the advantages of the desktop to the small screen of a mobile device is what customers need, as more and more people use PDAs to conduct business even while they’re…

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Design for the Mobile Experience
By Brent White Mar. 16, 2009

The way we look at work is changing — it is no longer defined by one locale or by long, focused periods of effort. Whether working from home, in transit, or on location, today’s workforce is more productive while mobile than ever before. And enterprising companies provide the appropriate tools…

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