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Who We Are: Oracle Applications User Experience Team


Jeremy Ashley

Author: Jeremy Ashley, Vice President – Oracle Applications User Experience
Revised: February 25, 2010
First published: September 13, 2007

What We Do: Extending Your Investment

The Oracle Applications User Experience group has one goal: to extend the value of your investment in Oracle applications. We believe the core areas of user experience that will best enhance your bottom line are:

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  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased insight;
  • Increased collaboration.

Increased productivity means helping your employees become more effective at the work they already do. At the end of the day, a productive employee is one who can complete work accurately and efficiently. We streamline task flows, increase personalization of applications, reduce unnecessary navigation, and remove unneeded clicks in order to reach this goal.

Increased collaboration means breaking down the boundaries that keep your employees from connecting. An improved user experience enables your employees to easily leverage the collective knowledge of your organization or department. We work to enhance social networking by examining integration with e-mail and chat clients, determining how Web 2.0 features can be deployed, and considering how users make use of mobile technologies.

Increased insight means supporting rapid, effective judgments. Our design approach provides your employees with the ability to access the right information, at the right time, to make the right decisions. Throughout our product suites, we look for opportunities to make use of best-practice business intelligence.

How We Do It: Oracle’s Commitment to User Experience

Oracle has maintained a core competency in user experience for more than 18 years, and most recently welcomed the PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and Agile user experience teams into the organization. By adding such talent to our existing expertise, we continue to increase our understanding of your business problems. We maintain usability testing laboratories around the world to monitor and respond to your changing market needs.

Oracle has taken a proactive position on ensuring a quality user experience for enterprise applications. At Oracle, “user experience” or UX means examining how your users work today, understanding their pain points, and working closely with product management, strategy, and development to target the most effective improvements in product design. UX is an integral part of the development process for enterprise applications.

In the Applications Unlimited space, we leverage the same design techniques and usability methodologies used for all of our other applications. We also adhere to many of the same principles of improving user productivity and insight. Additionally, we place a great emphasis on ensuring each product line user experience helps reduce overall operating costs through improved usability.

Oracle’s main user experience goals for Applications Unlimited are to:

  • Continue our UX investment in each product line;
  • Implement best design practices by leveraging Oracle user experience guidelines, standards, and patterns;
  • Evolve to the next generation of applications by using the latest innovations, such as Web 2.0, mobile experiences, and desktop integration;
  • Work closely with customers through our UX Customer Participation Program to conduct site visits, usability tests, and other activities to ascertain and prioritize customer wants and needs.

We’ve spent the last six years defining world-class experiences for Fusion based on listening to you. We sent UX professionals to your offices, branch locations, call centers, and manufacturing facilities.

As we designed our Fusion user experiences, we validated our designs with the people who would be using our products your users. Designing the Fusion user experience involved not only understanding how your end users work today, but also how they will work in the future. We continue to investigate how evolving end-user expectations will shape the future.

Fusion MiddleWare

Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) is at the center of our user experience design strategy. FMW serves as the foundation for our next-generation user experiences and enables them to be rendered on any supported device, such as a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, PDA, or widescreen. Oracle WebCenter Suite, a component of FMW, provides a framework for managing and maintaining context within our applications, and comprises several key underlying services, including Web 2.0 services for supporting wikis, blogs, and enhanced collaboration. Oracle Design Patterns provide developers and designers with the ability to easily reuse and repurpose common design templates embedded with prebuilt services. These and other middleware innovations are at the forefront of our user experience innovations.

Getting Involved

Visit our site regularly for a glimpse into the latest thought leadership on the user experiences of Oracle enterprise applications. We invite you to participate in those experiences by sharing your reactions and comments with us.

We also reveal some of our best-practice user experience methodologies, case studies, and processes, providing insight into how Oracle approaches user experience design in a global marketplace, on existing products and across multiple platforms.  
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