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About Apps UX: Learn More About the Team Behind Oracle's Applications User Experience
Learn about the people, processes, and methods used by the Oracle Applications User Experience team.

Who We Are: Oracle Applications User Experience Team
By Jeremy Ashley

The Oracle Applications User Experience group has one goal: to extend the value of your investment in Oracle applications. We believe the core areas of user experience that will best enhance your bottom line are: Increased productivity; Increased insight; Increased collaboration. …

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User Experience: It’s How You Work, Not Just How You Click
By Patañjali S. Venkatacharya

Usability. Ease of use. Look and feel. Simplicity. User interface. GUI. Human/computer interface. Great-looking icons. These are just some of the phrases that probably come to mind when you think about user experience. But what is user experience really all about, and what are we doing…

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Oracle Hears Customers' Top Issues with Software
By Anna M. Wichansky

Customers shared their top usability issues about enterprise software at a recent powwow in Oracle’s Conference Center in Redwood Shores, Calif. The occasion was the March 28, 2008, kick-off meeting of the Oracle Usability Advisory Board, a new opportunity for collaboration between…

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A Peek Inside Oracle's User-Centered Design
By Kristin Desmond

Have you ever been shopping online, and then dropped out before completing your purchase because something went wrong? Maybe your session timed out, or the shopping cart process was too complicated, or your billing and shipping information were different, or you wanted to split…

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