Welcome to the Library

The Oracle Endeca User Interface Design Pattern Library (UIDPL) describes principled ways to solve common user interface (UI) design problems related to search, faceted navigation, and discovery. The library includes both specific UI design patterns, as well as pattern topics, such as:

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Applying UI Design Patterns

The patterns offered here are proposed sets of design guidelines. They are not the only solutions, strict recipes etched in stone, or a substitute for sound human-centered design practices.

Select and apply these patterns critically and thoughtfully based on your users, their knowledge level, their discovery scenarios and goals, and their modes of information discovery. For example, some user interface patterns work well for the knowledgeable seeker but not for the uncertain explorer.

For more information about how to effectively use the patterns, download Applying Endeca Search & Discovery UI Design Patterns. You can also view and listen to a user interface engineering webinar called Leveraging Search and Discovery Patterns for Great Online Experiences that was presented by Mark Burrell, Ph.D., VP of User Experience at Oracle Endeca, with Peter Morville.