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Dark mode for email
B2B audience building
Mobile-only email design
Smart Insights’ 2020 trends

Adapting to Dark Mode for Email

We’ll be honest: Dark mode isn’t kind to email rendering. Here’s our advice on how to minimize the impact.
 Preserve your email designs 

Bringing More of Your Data Together

Is your data siloed or stuck in departments?
Is that hampering your B2B audience building and segmentation efforts?
 Pool your data 

Is Mobile-Only Email Design Appropriate for My Brand?

Adopting a mobile-only email design can simplify your email design and QA process significantly. But it’s not for everyone.
 Is it for me? 

Smart Insights’ Top 2020 Email Trends

Oracle’s Chad S. White talks email marketing trends with Smart Insights, highlighting send-time optimization, RFM-based segmentation, and managing legal compliance as key for 2020.
 Stay on trend 




AI is the buzzword in the industry—really, in the world—at the moment. Anything that can make data-driven decisions that the client can trust and not waste time on themselves is a big asset.
—Jarrod Browning, Project Manager in APAC, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting
Chad S. White @ChadSWhite
RSS will kill email. Mobile will kill email. Facebook Messenger will kill email. Slack will kill email.   #nicetry #whoisnext




Mar. 12-13 in Greenville, SC

Oracle Consulting’s Chad S. White will be speaking at ReallyGoodEmail’s UNSPAM conference

Mar. 23-26 in Chicago

More than a dozen of our consultants will be speaking at Oracle Modern CX, which includes our half-day Email Deliverability Summit.

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