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Q2 holiday planning checklist
Highest impact email trends
Speaking as one company

The Next Phase of Holiday Planning

The 2020 holiday season is likely to be more critical than ever for many brands. Make sure you’re prepared.
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2020’s Highest Impact Email Trends

In this 49-minute on-demand webinar, Chad S. White and Todd Smith discuss 4 of the trends our consultants said would have the biggest impact this year.
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Centralizing Data and Speaking as One Company

Are you looking to take a more data-driven approach with your B2B audience building and segmentation efforts?
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There is a bigger risk of increased attrition compared to any potential lift in opens you might see when promotional email is placed in the Primary tab. We would expect higher unsubscribe rates, and probably higher spam complaint rates, too.
—Clea Moore, Director of Deliverability Strategy for Email Deliverability Services, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting
Chad S. White @ChadSWhite
There’s no way to know how many of your #emailmarketing subscribers are engaging with your emails via dark mode, via smart watches, via voice-assistants, or via plain-text versions, #emailgeeks. That makes knowing how much to optimize for those situations tricky.




June 1-3 in Las Vegas

Oracle Consulting’s Chad S. White will be speaking at the Email Innovations Summit.

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