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Special Report: Blockchain
In July, Oracle announced the general availability of its Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, which allows organizations to easily build blockchain networks that can drive more-secure and more-efficient transactions, and to track goods through supply chains globally.

Oracle has many of the required components for a strong blockchain network already in place, including a powerful platform, compatible SaaS applications, and a comprehensive and proven cloud security portfolio. With these capabilities, Oracle is uniquely poised to deliver major benefits to customers. These include minimizing complexity and cost, improving the customer experience, hastening application delivery and integration, and increasing transparency throughout the supply chain.

Here, discover how blockchain is reducing risk and costs associated with common business processes, and learn how your business can use blockchain to drive innovation and accelerate profits.
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Blockchain Cloud


On-Demand Webcast: Introducing Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service
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Is Blockchain Right for You?
Oracle’s framework helps companies evaluate this hot technology using six criteria.
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The Great Equalizer
The scalable cloud keeps companies of all sizes nimble and competitive.
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Half of All Startups Fail: Three Tips for Ensuring Yours Survives
Startup founders outline three key resources for startup success.
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Does Scalable Cloud Equal Scalable Expense?
Companies need to keep costs under control as they grow—here’s how.
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Oracle Voice
Highlights from Oracle’s blog on

Oracle Helps You Put Blockchain into Real-World Use with New Cloud Service
Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service has the features that an enterprise needs to move from experimenting with blockchain to creating production applications.

What Will Spark the Blockchain Explosion?
Which enterprise or industry application or applications will ignite a true explosion in the use of blockchain?

Edtech Startup to Release Blockchain-Based “Lifelong Learning Ledger”
Brandman University is taking a new approach to adult education, focusing on students’ competencies to speed their path to graduation.
Oracle Blockchain Service for Financial Services

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service is part of a PaaS portfolio delivered by a scalable, distributed transaction processing platform that accelerates revenue, creates new revenue streams, and reduces risk.
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Oracle OpenWorld, the industry’s most important business and technology conference, is dedicated to helping businesses leverage the cloud for innovation and growth. With hundreds of demos and hands-on labs, plus exhibitions from more than 400 partners and customers from around the world, Oracle OpenWorld has become a showcase for leading cloud technologies. From today’s most-trusted products to tomorrow’s technologies, you will leave infused with inspiration, new ideas, and new relationships.
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October 22–25 | San Francisco, California
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