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Chris Murphy
Today, most artificial intelligence is about experimentation and testing of AI models. “The next problem is, now that I’ve built this thing, how do I deploy it, how do I actually keep it running on a daily basis,” says Vish Abrams, an Oracle architect for cloud development. “In a year or two, this is going to be a huge problem, so having a tool like this will be extremely valuable.”

The tool Abrams is talking about is GraphPipe, a new open source software project his team developed for efficiently deploying AI models at scale. Companies need to start thinking now about large-scale deployment of their AI models, such as giving customers AI-powered apps, or employees using AI to run critical, time-sensitive functions, from supply chains to marketing.

Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content
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University Improves Student Experience with Chatbots
Tax Experts
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Do You Have Tax Experts on Your Cloud Team?
Companies that have their tax experts help choose cloud ERP and EPM systems can reap big benefits, making sure the systems are built to accommodate recent corporate tax changes. Here are four key areas that help you keep up with nonstop tax changes.
Adtech Startup Overcomes Cloud Slowdowns
When Widget released the alpha version of its mobile communications platform, back in 2016, it ran into a big problem: the underlying cloud infrastructure was adding four to six seconds of latency to the transmission of digital images and videos. Since it moved to Oracle, messages are delivered faster and it’s spending less. Now, Widget’s CEO says, it can focus where a startup should: on product innovation and business growth.
Four Ways Blockchain Can Improve Productivity
Developers working on blockchain projects can experience orders of magnitude of productivity gains with an enterprise-grade, cloud-based blockchain platform, as compared with assembling their own. Benefits include performance at scale, plus reliability and availability. And enterprise-grade doesn’t necessarily mean higher cost.
Your ERP Provider Must Invest in Emerging Tech
CFOs who embrace cloud technologies could get in on the predicted $2 trillion US productivity boom over the next decade—if they have an ERP cloud solution that can go the distance,” Aberdeen Research Group writes. In a new report, Aberdeen says companies are making it a priority to modernize their business systems. What three questions should you consider when selecting your provider?
Key Benefits of a Unified Approach to Finance
Deploying a unified cloud platform integrating ERP, EPM, and SCM has the obvious benefits of allowing enterprise data to flow across systems to improve data quality. But there are two often-overlooked benefits: tracking key performance indicators and seizing new tech opportunities. And there’s more to be gained.
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Copenhagen Concepts operates more than a dozen restaurants and must “control different menu items, prices, regulations, and taxes in different countries,” says Assistant Chief Operations Officer Mirek Nørkjær. How does the cloud keep things streamlined?
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