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Rob Preston
Economists call them “opportunity costs”—the gains companies forfeit by investing time and money to do one thing instead of another, potentially more lucrative thing. Among IT organizations, these are the costs of burning countless cycles installing, tuning, updating, and patching databases and applications instead of performing the kind of high-level and creative technical work that differentiates your company from its competitors. Read Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s analysis of how to solve this critical problem, in his latest LinkedIn column, “Why Autonomous Systems Are Critical to the Future of Business.”

Rob Preston, Editorial Director, Oracle Content Central
Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd on Aligning Strategy, Technology, and People
Cantor Fitzgerald
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How Cantor Fitzgerald Understands Its People Better
Cantor Fitzgerald, the global financial services firm, suffered catastrophic losses on September 11, 2001, when 658 people from the company perished in the terrorist attack on New York’s World Trade Center. Seventeen years later, the firm is flourishing and has also become a philanthropic force. Here’s how technology strategy helps support its unique culture.
Autonomous in Action
Your DBA job is about to get more interesting. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud now automatically takes care of a maze of complicated things a person used to do—and still must do for other databases.
Where to Go When You Need More Space
V5 Systems’ outdoor video security technology uses machine-learning algorithms to provide advanced monitoring capabilities, such as distinguishing thunder from gunshots and animals from intruders. The system continually trains itself, using the video it captures. But storing and analyzing all that data requires tremendous storage and compute power. Here’s how V5 is sorting out the cloud infrastructure options.
data thieves
Data Thieves Want Your Columns—Not Your Rows
Your data might be more valuable than you imagine. What hackers want is more information about people already in their databases. Using big data techniques to fill in the columns, they match data stolen from different sources to form a more complete picture. This can be more important and lucrative than creating sparsely populated data rows about new people. Here's how to fight back.
Three Tips to Ensure Startup Survival
Half of startups go out of business within four years, so what do the entrepreneurs from Oracle’s Startup Cloud Accelerator say is the secret to flourishing instead of failing? “As a startup, we don’t have two or three attempts to try things at our disposal; we get one,” says Intelipost’s Stefan Rehm. “For us, access to this expertise has been a game changer.” Here are three top tips.
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Video on Demand
In this demonstration, Oracle solution engineers explain how they used Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service and other services to reduce the time and overhead for a large American financial institution to bring in new customers.
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