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It’s not easy to miniaturize complex industrial solutions on stage, but Oracle’s “resident inventor,” Jasper Potts, is a pro at it. He’s the man behind such memorable conference demos as last year’s Matrix-inspired Bullet Time Video Ring, which integrated 60 rack-mounted Raspberry Pi devices with back-end Oracle Cloud technologies to manage the capture and processing of slow-motion, multiangle video footage.

This year Oracle Code One will feature a repeat performance of the video ring, so you’ll get another chance to star in your own feature film. Also, this new, super-inclusive, tech-agnostic event will include new demos including blockchain-tracked beer and an augmented reality scavenger hunt. Finally, you won’t want to miss Potts’ latest invention: a minifactory for “hyper-personalization” of souvenir coasters.

What technology are you most excited to see October 22–25 at Moscone West in San Francisco? Write me with your thoughts.

—Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content

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