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Alan Zeichick
We’ve grown comfortable with digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa. But at work we need something more—and that something is context. A more-work-oriented assistant will integrate natural language processing and artificial intelligence with business data and apps.

That combination will let the assistant execute nuanced tasks such as gathering information for a report, setting up meetings, ordering supplies, or planning a trip, says Amit Zavery, Oracle executive vice president, thus saving employees precious time. Knowledge is power, but for digital assistants to thrive on the job, that knowledge needs context.

Alan Zeichick, Oracle Director of Strategic Communications
TECH DIVE: How Mobile Chatbots Help Retailers Connect
Data Capitalist
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Unleash Your Data Capitalists
How can enterprises bring data capital out of hiding? Chief data officers should use the cloud to create centrally managed data exchanges, making accessing authoritative data sources easier, says Oracle’s big data strategist Paul Sonderegger. Then they should put modern analytics in the hands of people at the department and workgroup level, setting business analysts and data scientists free to harvest data for their unique needs.
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts new rules and restrictions on companies’ collecting and storing of personal information. How can companies comply? Oracle senior researcher Patrick McLaughlin describes software functionality that automatically recognizes and highlights certain data points as “personal” and then generates a key for encrypting the data before it’s stored.
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is billed as the world’s first self-securing database cloud service. So, what does that mean for you? There are “no steps required from the customer side,” explains Vipin Samar, senior vice president of Oracle Database Security. “We take care of the security of the infrastructure, including the database, and we automate it—leaving nothing to chance or human error.” More from Samar in Oracle Magazine.
Construction Sites
If a worker falls at a construction site, a clip on that person’s belt can send an alert: Worker A fell from a height of about 12 feet and is located at this spot on the site. That’s just one example of the technology at the recently opened Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab in Deerfield, Illinois, outside Chicago. What else is on display?
French Startup
Fake it till you make it? The French startups we recently talked with disagree. Alcméon, for example, creates chatbots and social messaging for customer service. But it doesn’t think the automated responses that natural language processing can deliver are quite good enough, so it won’t put them out to customers, even if that could accelerate the machine learning process. Here are more hard lessons.
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Ray Wang
Constellation Research’s R “Ray” Wang explains key findings from a recent MIT Technology Review study, such as this: 46% of the respondents said uniting the two functions created better collaboration.
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