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Doug Suriano
5G mobile networking is closer than you think, and it’s bringing more than another bandwidth adrenaline rush. Real-world applications on fully implemented 5G networks should start appearing around 2020, so it’s time to start working 5G capabilities into your IT roadmaps.

Past leaps in mobile networks, from 2G to today’s 4G, brought the bandwidth boosts that have enabled mobile apps and video to thrive. And 5G does bring its own bandwidth bonanza. But 5G also promises a significant cut in latency and a capability known as network slicing that will enable you to customize networks for specific uses. That means that cell phones, IoT sensors, and enterprise apps can each have the network architecture that’s best for them, rather than squeezing into a one-size-fits-all setup.

Doug Suriano, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications Products
Hertz Speeds IT Projects with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
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If you’re a rail operator, safety is a complicated challenge—making sure you have the right people in the right positions, with a crew that’s properly trained, rested, and safety-certified. PS Technology’s software manages that staffing, and by offering it as a cloud service running on Oracle Cloud, PS Technology is reaching smaller railway customers, making their lives easier by taking care of data management, backups, software updates, uptime, and availability.
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, which launched in early August, is what Oracle’s Gerald Venzl calls “the general-purpose flavor of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.” Here, Venzl explains the three quick and easy steps for provisioning an ATP service.
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RedMart was experiencing explosive growth as Singapore’s leading online grocery service. Its legacy finance systems couldn’t keep up, leaving its accounting department struggling to give the business accurate data. Hear why its cloud ERP choice is directly tied to delivering on its business strategy.
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