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Jeff Erickson
‘Fast Moving’ Analytics
If companies want to compete with startups, they need to move at the same speed, says Mark Rittman, who recently started a firm to give established businesses more “fast moving” analytics. One key tool he sees for this work: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

“You press a button and provision a database and start loading data into it,” Rittman says. You’re working like an agile startup, but “you’ve got this confidence” from having the capabilities of Oracle Database. “It completely removes the friction” of setting up a database instance for people in large organizations “who want to think up ideas and do data analysis” on the fly. Read more on Rittman’s perspective, and attend his Oracle OpenWorld session “Data Warehouse Like a Startup with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.”

Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor at Large
autonomous database
Data Intensity Innovates with Autonomous Database
More Cloud News
Shoppers want access to the latest fashions the instant they’ve hit the runways, so real-time information is critical for fashion retailers. High-end retailer Carmen Steffens is now updating its inventory status immediately after each store or website purchase so that the company always knows where products are located and how many are available for sale. The next step? Rolling the capability out beyond Brazil to global locations.
In South Australia at 8 a.m. on ‘Results Day,’ year-12 students receive the standardized score used for university admission. Thousands of students phone a university all at once, wanting a 5- or 10-minute conversation to get answers to a few questions about their score. Discover the chatbot that now handles thousands of those calls for the University of Adelaide.
Can the public sector innovate? Check out the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. People used to line up for hours to pay bills, but now, with a versatile customer service portal, it’s processing more than 20,000 online payments a month, and that’s growing by 10% each month. The department got it done with startup energy and a new willingness to try, fail, and improve.
Code One
Johan Vos knows that the scavenger hunt he and his team are programming for attendees to play at Oracle Code One doesn’t really need the security it gets from being written in Java and the JavaFX client-side UI platform. But it’s a good demo, because such security would be critical for “programming for medical devices, data science, the military, or financial apps,” says Vos. Play and learn at the Oracle Code One developer event.
To get a preview of what’s in store for this year’s attendees, Profit magazine talked with four Oracle experts presenting at Oracle OpenWorld who are focusing on three of the major topic areas: autonomous database, business analytics, and customer experience. What should you put on your list?
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“We’re taking our HR people and elevating their role, so they can be more strategic, so they can help the business leaders solve their problems,” says Shahbaz Alibaig, global head of HR and HRIS at the aerospace and defense manufacturer Esterline. And that means trusting the technology to do the routine “keep the lights on” work.
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