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Rob Preston
Revolutionary Voice Interface
Larry Ellison demonstrated at Oracle OpenWorld how voice and text interfaces will change how we get information from cloud-based business applications.

The Oracle executive chairman and CTO showed the new Oracle Digital Assistant technology, which lets companies build conversational interfaces to pull answers from any enterprise system, such as operating data and employee calendars. Ellison had some fun on stage showing how it’s done, submitting a $418 dinner for two at Nobu Palo Alto as a business expense, via a Slack interface. The app rejected it as too pricey. “And now I have zero chance of seeing any of that money,” Ellison chuckled, “but at least I didn’t waste a lot of time submitting the stupid expense report.” More Ellison insights.

Rob Preston, Editorial Director, Oracle
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Highlights
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Highlights
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Cyber Insights from Global Intelligence Leaders
How will AI and machine learning affect cybersecurity? General Michael Hayden, a former CIA and NSA director, said he hopes that it will bolster security defenses. “Lord knows the defense is so disadvantaged now that any change in the environment would seem to make it better,” he said in an Oracle OpenWorld panel discussion. “But I can’t guarantee it.” See how other experts, including former British intelligence and national security leaders, answered today’s tough security questions.
Five Myths
Five Myths About How Java Is Changing
Myth #1: Every feature release will be as disruptive as past releases.

Fact: “No, that’s not true,” explained Mark Reinhold, Oracle’s chief architect of the Java platform, during his keynote at Oracle Code One. “The rate of innovation hasn’t changed. What’s changed is the rate of innovation delivery.” What’s the next myth on his list?
US and China Going Separate Economic, Political Ways
US and China Going Separate Economic, Political Ways: Experts
While China extends its economic and political influence worldwide, the US is moving ahead on shakier ground, ushering in a period of global geopolitical instability, according to two top thinkers on foreign affairs who spoke at Oracle OpenWorld last week. What did they say?
Open Source
How to Make Open Source a Better Place
Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming language, was one of five Groundbreaker Award honorees to participate in a discussion at Oracle Code One about how to make the open source community more inclusive, with inspiring career, work/life balance, and productivity tips. For example, van Rossum emphasized the importance of turning everything off and trying to work less, revealing that he now takes a weekly minivacation with his wife. Some other highlights.
Yapı Kredi Drives
Yapı Kredi Drives Mobile Banking Innovation with Big Data Analytics
Turkey’s Yapı Kredi has more than five million active customers on its mobile app and online banking site, and those customers conduct more than 90% of their transactions on mobile devices. A successful mobile strategy requires strong app design, of course, but the data provides the real power. Here’s what the bank has learned two years after launching its data analytics strategy.
Oracle Cloud Platform
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Steve Miranda
The Cloud Is About Speed
“The area we are most focused on is speed—speed of innovation and speed of change,” said Oracle’s Steve Miranda at Oracle OpenWorld 2018, leading a keynote presentation that included executives from FedEx, Cummins, and Juniper Networks.
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