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Chris Murphy
Hands-on Experience
Data professionals have had their hands on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for several months, and the feedback is rolling in.

Aker BP, one of Europe’s largest independent oil companies, now can add a new data warehouse in minutes, something that traditionally could’ve taken weeks. And Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse automatically handles storage cells and indexes, letting Aker BP reduce report runtimes from 20 minutes to less than 1 minute for a 1 TB data warehouse with 1.2 billion rows, without any manual tuning. “It’s like having the world’s best DBA working for you,” says Erik Dvergsnes, senior architect at Aker BP.

Hear more from Aker BP and from two other Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse early adopters, Drop Tank and Quality Metrics Partners, in this Oracle Magazine article.

Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Highlights
Highlights: Larry Ellison Talks Autonomous at Oracle OpenWorld 2018
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Time to Move to ERP Cloud? Four Scenarios
One ideal moment to move to cloud ERP is after a merger or an acquisition. Most often the systems used to manage each organization before the merger aren’t robust enough to handle the combined organization. Three more moments of truth.
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Four Hidden Costs of Cloud Infrastructure
All cloud infrastructure vendors provide access to online documentation and community forums for free, but most charge hefty fees for hands-on expert support. “Companies should look for a vendor that provides one enterprise-level support package that includes tiered escalations, a dedicated support manager, and a performance guarantee—for free,” advises Oracle’s Kyle York. What else to watch out for.
As the Cyber and Physical Worlds Blur, Find Opportunities
We need to look for the opportunities that come from the blending of the physical and virtual worlds, where we become a “virtual species,” said futurist Sophie Hackford, CEO of 1715 Labs, during a packed Oracle OpenWorld keynote. One example is AlterEgo, a wearable system that lets you send commands by thinking them, without speaking, using bone conduction. Other examples.
Larry Ellison: Four Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld
What’s the future of the Internet of Things and edge computing? Look at agriculture, said Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who owns a company that builds robotic greenhouses. Edge computers collect and send data from the greenhouses in near real time, so farmers can grow food with one-tenth the water used conventionally outdoors, “and we think we can make another order-of-magnitude improvement,” Ellison added. Three more highlights.
‘Idea Machine’ Helps Bosnian Bank’s Service and Profits
Addiko Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina is using a cloud-based “idea generation” platform that makes it easy for its 710 employees to submit suggestions on how to simplify bank operations and improve customer service. One example: cutting Addiko’s 77-page loan application to 7, using suggestions via the platform. Other benefits.
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Cloud Transformation Roadmap
This Oracle OpenWorld 2018 session covered the latest cloud infrastructure solutions and services enabling customers to move, build, and run their most critical applications on Oracle Cloud.
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Oracle IMPACT: Your Tomorrow, Today
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