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Aaron Ricadela
Revamped and Ready
Oracle has upgraded the architecture that underpins its cloud computing service, whereas cloud competitors have not, said Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld. Now “we can afford to be much more aggressive on pricing,” he said.

The Oracle executive chairman and CTO also shared plans to use the company’s second-generation cloud infrastructure to pursue all cloud workloads while pointing to how much of “the world’s high-value data” is currently stored in Oracle Database instances: “If we got the Oracle workloads in our cloud, how big would our cloud be?” Find more insights from Ellison on the opportunity for Oracle’s revamped cloud.

Aaron Ricadela, Oracle Director of Strategic Communications
Autonomous story
Larry Ellison Shares the Oracle Autonomous Database Story (1:00 minute)
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How AI Empowers Enterprise Resource Planning
As AI-powered ERP goes mainstream, companies with integrated ERP systems will be able to move quickly and deploy AI solutions, says Chanakya Arora of Oracle Insight. For example, chatbots and virtual assistants can record and share data on operations such as order delivery, shipment status, expense reporting, and time and attendance. Three more examples.
Will Autonomous Database Entice Big Business to the Cloud?
“All the customers I talk to tell me they aim to be data-driven and that data is the key asset for their company,” but they’re still choosing vanilla compute and storage in the cloud, said Oracle EVP Andy Mendelsohn at Oracle OpenWorld. Why Mendelsohn says autonomous database technology in Oracle Cloud is changing that conversation.
Blockchain Apps Get Ever More Palatable
Blockchain is so easy to use that “now even your corner brewer” can use it, said Oracle’s Chuck Hollis at Oracle OpenWorld. Indeed, beer maker Alpha Acid Brewing now marks its bottles with blockchain-verified authenticity labels. And it isn’t the only company coming up with creative ways to use the distributed ledger software.
shipping blockchain
Global Shipping Consortium Built on Blockchain Technology
Nine leading ocean carriers and terminal operators are forming a consortium to develop the Global Shipping Business Network, an open digital platform based on distributed ledger technology. Using blockchain technology, members of the network will be able to carry out what were previously siloed shipment data and management procedures. “This unprecedented transparency will restore trust in the industry,” says Steve Siu, CEO of CargoSmart, a member of the consortium.
The New Utility Equation
In 2016 Oracle bought Opower, which provides cloud-based software tools that encourage utility customers to conserve energy. In the past 10 years, households involved with Opower’s energy savings programs—now about 15 million—have cumulatively saved more than 20 terawatt hours of electric power, enough to brew 600 billion cups of coffee. Oracle Utilities’ Roger Smith explains how the old formula for generating and buying energy is being transformed.
Oracle Cloud Platform
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cloud apps
Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle Cloud Apps
Watch Oracle Executive Vice President Steve Miranda’s keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2018: See how business users across the enterprise—from supply chain and finance to HR, sales, marketing, service, and commerce—are staying ahead of the competition.
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