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Aaron Ricadela
Faster Breakthroughs
As recently as a few years ago, scientists who wanted to undertake the most-demanding calculations in physics, engineering, and chemistry booked time on university or national supercomputers or assembled a machine themselves. Now cloud computing services such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are making high-performance arrays of CPUs, graphics processors, and network connections available to researchers, letting scientists in areas such as gravitational wave research, immunology, and drug development access machines faster than they could by using shared computers.

As we detail in this week’s lead story, less time between running experiments and seeing results lets scientists change parameters quickly on their way to medical breakthroughs.

Aaron Ricadela, Oracle Director of Strategic Communications
The World’s Largest Heart Hospital Depends on Data to Save Kids’ Lives
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How to Get More Business Value from Data Science
Data science “has to be a team sport,” says Ian Swanson, Oracle vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence product development. Who should be on the team? You definitely need the IT organization on board, he says. It manages and secures the data, supports needed analytics tools, and delivers ready access to scalable compute and storage capacity. Without it, you can’t build and train powerful, production-oriented analytic models. Other necessary teammates.
machine learning
Machine Learning Made More Accessible
To make machine learning more accessible to companies, Oracle is assembling a range of tools that different businesspeople—including managers, analysts, data scientists, developers, and IT staff—can put to work, says Oracle’s Chuck Hollis. For example, machine learning built into databases and applications can help IT managers predict the health of computer equipment and identify malicious code. Five other job types that could benefit.
Parlez-Vous Français? Your Bot Does.
In case you were hoping, artificial intelligence alone does not build you a multilanguage bot. Multilanguage support needs to be implemented by design with tools and best practices. Need help? Here are hands-on instructions for using the Oracle Intelligent Bots feature of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise to build an internationalized pizza bot. 
How Turkey’s Leading Car Maker Went Mobile
To provide better customer experience, executives at Turkey’s Renault-MAIS decided to develop mobile applications, beginning with roadside service. According to CIO Oguzhan Yildiz, moving to the cloud provides “the capabilities we need in order to integrate our various back-end services and databases to enable the kinds of mobile applications we want to build,” including apps to modernize order management and human resources. What did his IT team learn?
Oracle Cloud Platform
Video on Demand
Mitsubishi Electric’s Integrated IoT
Using Oracle Cloud Platform “allowed us to make sense of all this machine data,” says Mitsubishi Electric’s Timothy Lomax. The company has increased uptime, boosted production, and reduced manual processes—all while decreasing floor space. The biggest gain?
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