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Margaret Harrist
Financing a New Era
In fall 2019, the Golden State Warriors will move into their new privately funded stadium complex on the shores of San Francisco Bay. The challenge of transitioning a basketball franchise to a 365-day-a-year entertainment company was a big part of what enticed Jennifer Cabalquinto to join the organization as CFO in 2013. Since then the Warriors have won the NBA championship three times. Here, Cabalquinto reflects on that journey and how having visibility into finances has been critical in the funding phase and will be vital in the organization’s new era.

Margaret Harrist, Oracle Director of Content Strategy
Let’s Grow Together: SuiteConnect West 2018 Keynote
Fast Food
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Fast Food’s New Recipe
“People want to choose where and how they consume, and what’s nonnegotiable is the quality of the product,” says Marc Flood, CIO of HAVI, a restaurant supply chain giant that sources and delivers fresh and frozen food and food packaging in addition to providing inventory management, data analytics, and package design. Now HAVI is moving to a cloud-first strategy, beginning by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to handle extra scalability during peak demand and as backup and recovery for its on-premises Oracle Exadata servers.
Data-Driven Property Development
Kingold, a developer of luxury apartment buildings and other properties in China, doesn’t need outside market researchers for insight into potential acquisitions. Instead, using the company’s cloud infrastructure, a four-person IT team wrote a program that crawls property listings in top prospect markets, creating a database that’s searchable by factors such as the distance to quality schools and subway access. Next up? Oracle Autonomous Database via the Cloud at Customer model
Telecom Calls on Blockchain
Blockchain is poised to play a big role in the communications industry, particularly in roaming, the hand-off of a call or data session from one network provider to another. KT, South Korea’s largest telecom operator, has created a blockchain network for reconciling roaming data in real time. The ledger verifies the participants in a roaming transaction and initiates payment when it’s completed. And that’s just the beginning for the industry, says Oracle’s Bernard Schwab.
Cloud ERP
Oracle Goes Bold with Oracle Cloud ERP
What happened when Oracle moved its own enterprise resource planning and human capital management to the cloud? Having a unified data model means that “Oracle can manage identities, passwords, authorizations, workflows, and approval processes without having to replicate data in the ERP system,” says Corey West, Oracle executive vice president and chief accounting officer. This level of integration eliminates data redundancy and data synchronization problems. Two more big benefits.
Oracle Cloud Platform
Video on Demand
Keeping Connected to Customers
“In the experience economy, customers are pushing their own innovations onto us,” says Oracle Executive Vice President Rob Tarkoff. Can your connected intelligence help your brand keep up?
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