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At key points in his long career, database architect and tuning legend Kerry Osborne has had to ask himself what tasks he’s doing—even doing extremely well—that he should stop doing because the technology has moved on and he should too. Oracle’s release of the first autonomous database, in March 2018, is precipitating another of those moments for him, he says, because it’s designed to deploy, tune, patch, update, and secure itself—all administrative tasks currently done by a highly skilled database administrator. So as the New Year begins, Osborne offers four bits of smart advice for times of change. The first one? Realize that this has all happened before.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor at Large
Oracle Autonomous Database
Accelerate Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Database
Cloud Success
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Oracle’s Formula for Cloud Success
On Oracle’s second-quarter earnings call, Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison emphasized that two strategic initiatives would determine Oracle’s success: the cloud-based Oracle Autonomous Database, which provides “the largest technology lead we have ever enjoyed over our database competitors since we entered the database market almost four decades ago,” and its two cloud-based enterprise resource planning suites. What else did Ellison say?
Five Ways Blockchain Is Changing Higher Ed
For one, blockchain’s ability to manage, share, and protect digital content makes it ideal for helping researchers and educators create intellectual property, share it, and still control the way it’s used. Professors, for instance, could be rewarded based on the actual use, and reuse, of their teaching materials, much as how they’re rewarded based on citations in research papers and journals. Four more advantages.
Kubernetes Lifts Coders to New Heights
In Seattle at the sold-out KubeCon 2018, a conference for those who are building cloud computing infrastructure, the vibe of everyone from entrepreneurs to rainbow-bearded engineers was one of coming together to solve planet-scale problems. What’s driving Kubernetes’ success? It represents a fundamental shift, moving away from people having to program everything machines do and toward creating machines that do tasks for machines, explained Oracle architect Kire Filipovski. What were the conference highlights?
Citizens with the Cloud
Connecting Citizens with the Cloud
The city of San Jose, California, gets more than 250,000 phone calls and tracks 500,000-plus citizen engagements annually. Searching for a more efficient way to serve citizens, city leaders deployed a cloud-powered My Home Services mobile app, which lets residents receive personalized information on topics such as street sweeping, waste collection, and water service providers. More innovative ideas.
Oracle Cloud Platform
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San Jose
Serve Citizens Better with Oracle Cloud
“I knew that we could make San Jose the most innovative city in America by the year 2020,” says Mayor Sam Liccardo. See how Oracle Cloud technology helps improve employee efficiency and create the next level of service.
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