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January 2019

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bullet ODPI-C 3.1 supports multi-property tags allowing efficient session configuration in connection pools.
bullet Node-oracledb 3.1 top features: Connection tagging; New-connection callback; Explicit session drop; Multi-binary install; Deferred Oracle Client library initialization.
bullet Explore transforming relational data to JSON in Oracle Database - a blog series by Dan McGhan.
bullet Secure your ORDS service! A rapid-fire blog and video by Blaine Carter, Developer Advocate, shows you how it’s done.
bullet What Autonomous Database Does for Developers
bullet What Are Not Null Constraints? An interactive video quiz discussing the ins and outs of using not null constraints to make columns mandatory.
bullet What Are Foriegn Keys? An interactive video quiz showing you how you can use foreign keys enforce parent-child relationships between your tables.
Database Classes from Oracle Dev Gym
The Oracle Dev Gym offers classes, workouts, and quizzes on a variety of Oracle technologies, including SQL, PL/SQL and Java. And it's all FREE.

Dev Gym classes are “mini-MOOCs,” with all course materials, quizzes, and database access online, ready when you are.
Databases for Developers: Next Level
This FREE 10-part tutorial continues where Databases for Developers: Foundations left off, taking you further on your SQL journey with a series of videos introducing concepts, interactive coding sections, and quizzes to test your understanding.
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Get your SQL analytics ON with a 6 module mini-class from Connor McDonald of Oracle AskTOM.
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Looking for a way to get started with relational databases and SQL? Look no more! Databases for Developers: Foundations class at the Dev Gym!
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A PL/SQL function that acts like a table in a SELECT statement? How cool is that? Learn more in the Dev Gym’s Getting Started with PL/SQL Table Functions class.
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See the complete list of Oracle Dev Gym classes.
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bullet Javascript and Oracle Database
bullet .NET and Visual Studio
bullet Sharding
bullet APEX Tips
bullet ORDS
bullet Smart DB
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