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Rob Preston
The Short List
A continuing challenge for most CIOs amid the accelerating pace of business and technology change is to vet the myriad “#1” priorities competing for their organization’s scarce time and resources. In this, our seventh annual analysis of the 10 most important challenges CIOs face and opportunities they must grab in the year ahead, we offer our short list, based on extensive interviews and research. How does your list compare?

Rob Preston, Senior Director, Oracle Content Central
4 Alternative Scenarios of Our Tech Future
4 Alternative Scenarios for Our Tech Future
HR leaders
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Top Four Action Items for HR Leaders
#1: Lead your company’s digital transformation. Talk with other C-suite members about a strategy that includes emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, says Cara Capretta, an Oracle vice president who has worked in leadership development and talent management. “That digital strategy for the workforce should complement the digital strategy for your customers and vendors,” she says. Next on the list?
Enterprise it
Enterprise IT Will Be 80% Cloud by 2025
The reasoning behind Oracle’s prediction is that newer, enterprise-grade cloud architectures, plus the extreme automation of platforms such as Oracle Autonomous Database, will multiply the cost savings of the cloud while letting enterprise IT meet its other commitments to the business. Performance and security that real businesses demand.
Construction Software Now on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
CMiC offers a software platform for construction clients, driven by a single database, to cover an entire project—from shovel to shingle. The company recently launched a software-as-a-service version on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Next up: moving to Oracle Autonomous Database.
HR Pros
HR Pros Turn to Analytics
According to a new Oracle survey, employers are embracing routine data analytics to improve HR processes such as quickly determining which of their many applicants best matches the position. “The job market is very competitive now. You can’t have a six-month hiring process, or the marketplace and the candidates will move on,” says study coauthor Donald Anderson. What else did the study reveal?
Artificial Intelligence: Are You Ready?
When it comes to AI, “you’re looking at a problem that demands significant infrastructure capabilities, along with people who can move big data around, and…push data science projects into a live production environment,” says Ian Swanson, Oracle vice president of product management for AI and machine learning. Read his advice in Oracle Magazine
Oracle Cloud Platform
Video on Demand
Secrets to Building Blockchain, IoT, and Other Developer Demos
“The idea was to build a demo to show all of the Oracle Supply Chain applications that will be used for working with a manufacturing plant or in the manufacturing process,” explains Jasper Potts, speaking at Oracle OpenWorld Europe in London. The secrets.
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