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Jeff Erickson
Real-World Payoffs
Oracle Autonomous Database has been gaining interest and users across the business world, as organizations see the real-world payoffs from using a “self-driving” database. In this Oracle Insights column in The Wall Street Journal, Oracle’s Dominic Collard shows us what those benefits look like for two very different organizations—one that’s helping companies embrace new technology and another that’s discovering the secrets of our universe.

Jeff Erickson, Editor-at-Large, Oracle Content Central
oracle autonomous database
Data Intensity and Reporting with Oracle Autonomous Database 
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Telcos Moving to the Cloud in a Big Way
Telecommunications companies want to be “everywhere,” says Andriy Zhylenko, chief technical officer at PortaOne, a global vendor of telco software. But operating data centers in every market “becomes increasingly expensive and very, very cumbersome.” So they use PortaOne’s billing and switching software via Oracle Cloud, where telcos can spin up a ready-to-use platform in a new market within a day.
For Memphis, It’s Safety First…and Fast
Memphis mayor Jim Strickland campaigned on promises of a revitalized police force. But the process for hiring public safety workers has many more steps than for other city jobs, including a battery of physical and psychological tests. To help meet the demand, human resources chief Alexandria Smith replaced the city’s HR applications with a modern, cloud-based application suite. The city boasts more than 400 new police recruits since 2016.
Bangladesh Builds Vital Infrastructure
Bangladesh’s ambitious plan to build a 3.8-mile double-decker bridge over the River Padma, the main tributary of the Ganges, could boost annual gross domestic product by as much as 2.3%. But “there are thousands of items to track” with massive projects such as this one, says Khandker Anwarul Islam, senior secretary of the Bridges Division of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges. How Bangladesh leaders hope the project will unite the country.
How ODTUG Leaped from Spreadsheets to SaaS
One of Gary Crisci’s first moves as treasurer of the 14,000-member Oracle user group ODTUG was upgrading from Microsoft Excel to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service for financial reporting. Now, says Crisci, “we have a full visual picture of what our organization’s finances are and we can drill down into the details if we need to answer a question.” Financial close meetings last only 10 to 15 minutes.
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Oracle Cloud Predictions
Oracle Cloud Predictions for 2019 and Beyond
Prediction #1: Second-generation cloud providers will offer 100% data center replacement. What else are Oracle experts predicting for enterprise cloud by 2025?
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