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Margaret Harrist
Agile Finance Wins
Organizations that have invested in digital technologies are far more likely than others to report revenue growth over the last year. And as businesses race to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations, those that have embraced scalable automation, cloud technologies, and more analytics will find themselves even farther ahead.

Explore these and other findings of “Agile Finance Unleashed,” a report sponsored by Oracle and produced by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. Plus hear from top CFOs about how they link modern finance operations to enterprise success.

Margaret Harrist, Director of Content Strategy and Implementation at Oracle
Procurement Video
Streamline Procurement to Maintain Financial Transparency
More Cloud News
Tracking Pollinators in the Cloud
How can good data help save the bees—and humanity? Oracle’s cloud innovation team helped Sabiha Malik, founder of the World Bee Project, mastermind an international network of remotely monitored hives that connects sensors, microphones, and even a chatbot to provide a global honeybee health system. What do the bees need next?
Gretchen Alarcon
How Emerging Technologies Transform HR
Oracle Group Vice President Gretchen Alarcon says the HCM professionals she speaks to want to know if technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital assistants will help manage talent more effectively and support larger business goals. Her advice? “Pick an area for piloting new technology where there’s an opportunity for a quick win.” More expert insight.
Genetic tests
A Place to Crunch Genetic Data and Build a Business
Richard Rendell and his team at Applied Precision Medicine do more than help clients analyze petabytes of genetic data; they also help build businesses around promising new genetic tests and treatments. And they do both with services on Oracle Cloud. Read how they use universal credits to try new tech—including Oracle Autonomous Database—by “spinning up those services” as needed.
Powerful Graphics on Tap
Graphics processing units (GPUs) are used for tackling supercomputing jobs in genetics, engineering, and other disciplines. They’ve also become a cornerstone of machine learning, because they can quickly synthesize massive amounts of data used to train the machines. Now public cloud services such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can deliver the latest GPUs to scientists quickly, without making them wait for university- or government-procured machines. 
Oracle DaaS

Calculate Your Savings with Oracle Database as a Service
Video on Demand
Oracle OpenWorld London 2019
Cloud Generation 2
What is the autonomous database? Get insight from Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president for database server technologies at Oracle, and other experts who spoke at Oracle OpenWorld London 2019.
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