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Blockchain Choice, Impending Disaster, Game Publishing Unbound and More
This Week’s Headlines: Blockchain Choice, Impending Disaster, Game Publishing Unbound and More
Experts at Blockchain Cleveland sort out when to use a distributed ledger. Oracle’s Matthew O’Keefe asks why we miss signals of impending disaster. The Dragon Ball games publisher says that it will not be bound by established ideas. And how Puerto Rico wants to “become the center of the world for resiliency and rebuilding.” Plus new videos, events, and more.
Cyberwarriors video
Unleash an Army of Cyberwarriors to Protect Your Data
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Is Blockchain the Answer?
Wondering when the right time is to deploy blockchain? First, pick a project that needs distributed instead of centralized control of data, advises Michael Onders, chief data officer of KeyBank: “If you can solve the problem centrally, using a central database, you’re probably looking at the wrong problem” for blockchain. Three questions for vetting your next project
Matthew O'Keefe
Avoiding Data Catastrophe
Research shows that multiple near misses foreshadow almost all disasters and business crises. Why are signals ignored? Time and cost pressures, for starters, which also lead to decision-making based on rules of thumb or gut instincts rather than refined processes. It’s time to learn from deviations, uncover root causes, and demand accountability, says Matthew O’Keefe, of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure group. More good advice.
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Games Publisher Responds to Industry Disruption
In 2018 Dragon Ball games publisher Bandai Namco announced a new strategic initiative to free the company to always “…progress to a next stage rather than being bound by previous business models and established ideas.” One aspect of this strategy: update its ERP application to more easily accommodate new revenue streams. Why executives picked Oracle.
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico: Island of Innovation
Because of cloud computing, the Puerto Rican government was able to provide “continuous payroll for our government employees,” both during and after the 2017 hurricanes, says Governor Ricardo Rosselló. Now, the cloud—and Oracle—are facilitating transparency and flexibility to help the island “become the center of the world for resiliency and rebuilding.” What is the plan for the future?
Tufts Center
Bringing New Drugs to Market
It takes an average of 12 years and US$2.6 billion for an experimental drug to make it from the lab to the patient, according to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. Cloud computing can hasten the process by offering a single source of truth, along with continuous improvement in the software, access to real-time data, and systems that don’t require extended downtime for migrations. Two more ways to speed time to market.
Oracle Autonomous Database

Try Oracle Autonomous Database: 3,300 Free Hours

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Steve Miranda
Future-Proof Your Business
“The speed of change is increasing,” said Oracle’s Steve Miranda during his recent keynote at Oracle OpenWorld Dubai 2019. The new reality is defined by skyrocketing expectations and disruption. How can Oracle Cloud apps help you become a more agile business?
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March 19–21 | Las Vegas
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March 19–21 | Las Vegas
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March 26–27 | Singapore
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April 7–11 | San Antonio
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