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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd explains why the cloud is more a new business model than a new technology, an Oracle ACE explains how Oracle Autonomous Database will disrupt the DBA role, and we get the inside scoop on top cloud technology tips for finance, supply chain, and HR pros.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large  
Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd: Cloud Is a New Business Model
At the root of the cloud business model shift is the ability to free up money and people to innovate—to help create new and different digitally driven products, services, and customer experiences within flat IT budgets, CEO Mark Hurd said during his keynote at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience in Las Vegas. That ability becomes particularly important in the current slow-growth economic environment, in which most companies must grab market share to increase revenues. What else did he say?
Autonomous Databases
Hidden Opportunities in Autonomous Databases
The arrival of Oracle Autonomous Database is disrupting the work of database administrators, says Oracle ACE Kerry Osborne. But not all traditional DBA work will go away. “If you’re doing performance optimization, architecture, and design work and if you’re solving hard problems, those skills, as well as communication skills, are things where humans have the advantage over AI,” he says. What will change?
Technology Tips
Tips for Using Technology Better
What were the top takeaways for finance, supply chain, and HR pros at the recent Oracle’s Modern Business Experience in Las Vegas? #1: The cloud is “move-in technology,” which means “no customization.” That’s OK, though, because cloud applications are continually refined to deliver industry best practices for a given function, and they’re delivered automatically via updates multiple times a year. Insights from Zone to Win author Geoffrey Moore and other experts.
Smart Cities Improve Resident Experience, Monetize Digital Services
In a recent Oracle research report, executives said they expect smart cities to be the top opportunity for 5G-enabled digital services. As cities worldwide deploy a range of digital services in their quest to become “smart,” they need to be able to offer flexible pricing models—and ultimately generate profitable revenues. What services could deploy these models?
MINA Group
MINA Group’s Restaurant Recipe Includes Just the Right Amount of Data
As MINA Group has expanded beyond fine dining with concepts such as The Street Food Hall in Hawaii, it’s found even more value in technology that enables it to be nimble, quick, and creative. It depends on cloud-based apps for quick and reliable insights into “how our marketing efforts are doing, how to properly staff the restaurants, and what to do in terms of ordering and product procurement,” says MINA Group President Patric Yumul. Additional benefits.
Oracle Database Cloud

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