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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We uncover four data management gems in the latest release of Oracle Database. Then we hear why HR should steal a page from marketing’s playbook, see what recent surveys reveal about workplace anxieties, and discover how digital ad fraud siphons off dollars—and smartphone batteries.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large  
Oracle Database 19c
What’s New in Oracle Database 19c?
What new features should you pay most attention to in the latest annual release? Automatic indexing, for one. It uses machine learning algorithms to create and constantly adjust indexes to improve performance and cost savings. “For the first time ever, a database can determine for itself the optimal set of indexes for your dataset,” says Dominic Giles, a master product manager for Oracle Database at Oracle. Two more top features on his list.
Future Workforce
Prepare for the Workforce of the Future 
Tomorrow’s workforce will be defined by more automation, a diverse mix of full-time and contract workers, and rapidly shifting demographics, according to speakers at Oracle’s recent Modern Business Experience conference. The most successful employers will master these HR trends. Start by understanding what the data from recent surveys has revealed about workplace anxieties.
Attract Talent
Five Ways to Attract the Talent You Need Now
HR pros can take a page from the marketing playbook and promote open positions based on what’s important to job seekers. For example: “Younger candidates a few years out of college are interested in a company’s commitment to diversity and sustainability,” says Baker Tilly’s Jeff Haynes. “They’re looking for opportunities to volunteer and better the community,” he says. Four more tips from HR experts.
Supply Chain
Four Technologies That Can Turbocharge a Supply Chain
Technology #1? The Internet of Things. The first step to IoT success is to establish key performance indicators (KPIs), says Oracle’s Harish Gaur. The next is defining the kind of data you need to collect for those KPIs, he says, including real-time data from IoT sensors but also data from asset management, finance, manufacturing, and database systems. The next turbocharging technology
Digital Ad Fraud
Digital Ad Fraud Siphons Off Dollars—and Smartphone Batteries
When Oracle cybersecurity researchers discovered malware earlier this year dubbed DrainerBot—which was draining people’s Android smartphones and ballooning their data bills by secretly racking up video play requests—it cast a spotlight on a big and growing problem for the mobile ad industry: sophisticated invalid traffic, or SIVT. Five ways to fight back.
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