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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We ask why there’s a discrepancy in the way different executives see cybersecurity risks, show how capturing “micro-moments” is key to success in the experience economy, and hear why some call this moment a golden age for developers.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large  
Executives See Cybersecurity Risk Differently 
Almost a quarter of chief information security officers participating in a recent survey said that the use of unauthorized cloud apps had led to a security incident at their organization whereas only 10% of CIOs noted this type of impact. Why the discrepancy? “CIOs may, in fact, see a budgetary benefit from the use of shadow IT apps” whereas CISOs don’t, says a recent threat report from Oracle and KPMG. How to get better alignment.
Experience Economy
Four Tenets of the Experience Economy
#1: Begin with “hyperpersonalization,” a practice that goes beyond audience segmentation, says Oracle Executive Vice President Rob Tarkoff. That means capturing customers’ browsing patterns, content interests, and purchase histories in precise “micro-moments” and then responding with tailored offers in milliseconds. More tips from Tarkoff’s talk at Modern Customer Experience.
Golden Age Developers
Why It’s a ‘Golden Age for Developers’
The increasingly mainstream culture of DevOps and site reliability engineering makes software delivery easier than ever, said Oracle’s Bob Quillin at Oracle Code Rome, a free one-day developer conference. That’s because open source, combined with the cloud, is democratizing access to advanced tools. Today, he said, developers can launch vast compute resources from their laptops—and this is just the beginning.
CSPs: Smart Questions You Should Ask 
Communications Service Providers that want to use data effectively should start by asking, “How can we monetize our data without breaching the trust of our customers?” says Andrea Canessa, of Oracle’s Industry Solutions Group. “The onus is on the CSPs to license their customer data only to the right kinds of organizations, which requires knowing them and what they’ll do with the data.” The next question you should ask.
Agnostic Applications
The New Agnostic Applications
Progressive web apps (PWAs) deliver feature-rich web applications that take full advantage of native browser and mobile device features. That gives development teams the option of managing common source code across device platforms and desktops while still delivering top-notch experiences. Here, learn to enable the distribution and installation of a PWA onto a mobile device, using Oracle Visual Builder. 
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