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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
Big Bang application implementations haven’t gone away, and we explore the benefits of that approach versus a phased-in strategy. We also share what IT wants CFOs to understand about tech, where telemedicine goes next, and how FICO’s moving way past credit scores.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large  
The Best Way to Install Cloud-Based Applications
What’s the best way to move to the cloud, Big Bang or slow and steady? The short answer: It depends on your company’s culture and sense of urgency. TCF Bank, for example, took a two-phase approach to cloud supply chain applications, because of all the change management required to make the shift. Meanwhile, a desire to speed up a transformation encouraged Adventist Health to take an all-at-once approach. Even Big Bang advocates advise caution.
What IT Would Love CFOs to Understand 
CFOs need to stop chasing the next shiny thing, for starters. “Our CFO wants to add RPA technology and keeps asking when it will be ready,” said one attendee at Collaborate 19, the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group’s annual conference, referring to robotic process automation. “But there’s a lot of planning, integration, and testing that need to be done before we can roll out any new technology.” More advice for CFOs.
Telemedicine’s Next Frontier
Machine learning and artificial intelligence may be able to help reduce strokes and heart attacks by analyzing patient data to spot trends and make predictions. “If you’re monitoring 50 million patients in their homes across America, it can’t just be through human technicians reacting to alerts,” says Dr. Jonathan Baugh, cofounder and chief medical officer of Remote Health Solutions. How AI could improve outcomes.
FICO Takes Analytics Expertise Beyond Credit Scores
FICO is best known for its credit ratings, but its biggest growth is coming from applying its scoring expertise to all kinds of complex business decisions—from which product to offer a shopper next to whether a given financial transaction is likely a fraud. With its advanced analytics software, which is now available as a cloud service, FICO helps businesses weigh myriad factors to provide a score in milliseconds.
India DBA
Challenges and Opportunities for India’s DBAs 
For Indian IT workers, “customer trust is perhaps the new definition of high availability,” says Sai Penumuru, president of the All India Oracle Users Group. “It is not just having your systems available that matters but that the data in them is secure and that you can be trusted with people’s data.” More insight into India’s DBA workforce
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