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Meet the Team That Built GraalVM, an Energy-Saving Multilingual Compiler Written Entirely in Java

A team of developers in Zurich, led by Oracle Labs’ Thomas Wuerthinger, has spent seven years honing three ideas: What if you wrote a compiler in Java, and what if it could run any program written in any language, and what if it were blazingly efficient? Sixty published research papers later, did Wuerthinger ever imagine that GraalVM would beat the odds and become a commercial product?

“No, absolutely not,” he says from his office in a bottle-green glass tower overlooking a maze of Swiss trains.

This month’s release is the fruit of that dedication. Last year Oracle open-sourced GraalVM Community Edition. Now, GraalVM Enterprise Edition will offer support, along with additional security and performance enhancements.

Are you a fan of polyglot programming? Write me with your thoughts.
—Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content

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