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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We season your reading with salt-tracking from Brazil and discover how AI is helping colleges spot students at risk for dropping out. We also look at the reasons Oracle made openness a cornerstone of its cloud infrastructure, and get a few pointers from a veteran user of the autonomous database.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large 
Oracle Autonomous Database
Four Tips for Oracle Autonomous Database Success: An Expert’s View
Erik Benner pushes new technology to the limit and is unabashed about reporting the good and the bad he finds. His latest target is the autonomous database on Oracle Cloud. After more than a year of working with clients on a mix of autonomous database projects, Brenner offers four suggestions: One to help you get started, two that save you money, and one gotcha to avoid
Refinaria Nacional de Sal
How Brazil’s Refinaria Nacional de Sal Shook Things Up
While tourists are drawn to Cabo Frio’s white-sand beaches and bright-blue ocean water, salt producers such as Refinaria Nacional de Sal are drawn by nearby salt marshes. Here, wind, sun, and sparse rain cause the water to evaporate and leave behind salt to be harvested, cleaned, and refined. Refinaria precisely traces the production process end to end—from raw material to store delivery—with fast, accurate data flow from IoT sensors and Oracle Cloud. The next move in the cloud.
4 Pillars OCI
The Four Pillars of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
When it comes to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle is committed to openness, says Oracle Vice President Kyle York. “With the strong shift to cloud native technologies and DevOps methodologies across businesses of all sizes, companies want an open cloud that offers flexibility and avoids lock-in,” says York. “Oracle embraces open standards so organizations can pursue hybrid and multicloud strategies.” Top price/performance and two additional pillars.
At-Risk Students
Colleges Find New Ways to Spot At-Risk Students
How can administrators use tech to retain students? Use the cloud to identify those at risk. If “successful students…eat breakfast three days a week and lunch one day a week, participate in X number of extracurricular activities or clubs, and go to at least one freshman event in the fall,” school administrators will be able to track students outside those norms and provide them more advisor outreach, says higher education expert Vicki Tambellini. Three more expert ideas.
Childhood Malnutrition
Nonprofit Lowers Cost to Fight Childhood Malnutrition
Each day, MANA makes about 425,000 lifesaving meals of ready-to-use therapeutic food containing fortified milk and vitamins suspended in peanut butter. To improve operations and, in turn, reduce prices, MANA automates tracking of its manufacturing processes, equipment, inventory, and more. MANA gets discounted licensing, coaching, and support from Oracle NetSuite employees.
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