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Special Report: Emerging Technologies
AI, autonomous technology, IoT, and blockchain are some of the emerging technologies that have been at the top of every top technology trends list in 2019. According to Gartner, AI alone will be in almost every new software product by next year. And Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says by 2020, more than 50% of enterprise data will be managed autonomously.

With a focus on technologies of the future, the new issue of Profit magazine highlights companies and executives that are embracing autonomous technologies successfully. Read on to glean their insights and advice.
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Big News
It’s All Rocket Science
Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) uses Oracle technology to prevent dangerous and costly outer space collisions.
Mike Walsh
Question Everything
Mike Walsh talks about how future success demands disruptive thinking.
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Highlights from Profit
Mark Hurd
The Big Questions
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd discusses the US economy, global competition, and the importance of education.
Neil Sholay
Don’t Think, Do
Instead of design thinking, focus on design doing.
Hiroyasu Kito
Lead with Speed
GMO Financial Holdings understands the need for rapid processes.
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OracleVoice and Oracle Insights
Highlights from Oracle’s blog on and

The Driverless Car Is Closer Than You Think—And I Can’t Wait
Despite considerable public skepticism, safe driverless vehicles really are close at hand.

Can Machine Learning and AI Head Off Heart Attacks and Strokes?
New tools are only beginning to be applied in healthcare, and such a widespread effort will take planning, coordination, and education.

Smart Cities Improve Resident Experience, Monetize Digital Services
As municipalities worldwide deploy a range of digital services in their quest to become “smart cities,” they need the capability to offer flexible pricing models—and ultimately generate profitable revenues. 
Oracle Code Innovate Video
Code Innovate
Oracle Code Innovate is a way for a team to learn about emerging technologies with Oracle experts. It can tune a program to fit a team’s interests and challenges. Oracle Code Innovate is all about making, breaking, and building real code.
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