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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We ask if blockchain can track a diamond’s “lifetime journey” to stop theft and fraud and ensure that it wasn’t sold to finance war. We also review the bad news—and the good!—in the ongoing battle for cybersecurity. Then we look at why companies should ask for IoT that’s “baked in,” and we imagine a world where ERP apps are always current with the latest innovations.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large  
Quality Control: How to Track a Diamond’s Journey
Consumers want to ensure that their diamonds weren’t sold to finance insurgencies or wars, and insurers want to stop theft and fraud. Startup Everledger creates “a unique thumbprint from 40 metadata points of a diamond and records that into the blockchain,” says founder and CEO Leanne Kempuses, aspiring to trace the “lifetime journey” of a diamond from the mine to the end consumer. Tracking other high-value goods with emerging technology.
Today’s ‘Unprecedented Challenge’ of Cybersecurity 
First some good news: Businesses are aware of cybersecurity challenges in a way they were not just a few years ago, says Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect. The downside? Although most companies cite human error as a leading cause of data insecurity, they also keep throwing people at a problem that can’t be solved without automation.
Interview: The IoT Is in the Applications
By now businesses are convinced that IoT can improve their operations, “but they really don’t want to assemble IoT solutions themselves,” says Oracle’s Bhagat Nainani. Instead, they want to see IoT data from industrial operations, manufacturing, transportation, and field service integrated into the business application they already use. Five examples
Reimagining ERP
More than 80% of finance leaders responding to a recent survey said staying current with technology is the top benefit of moving ERP functionality to the cloud. Now SaaS customers can more easily incorporate emerging technologies such as chatbots, mobility, AI, predictive analytics, and blockchain. How customers benefit.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Tech Dive: Get Started with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle SQLcl in No Time 
Think of the new Linux-based Oracle Cloud Developer Image as a Swiss army knife for cloud developers. It has a ton of tools preinstalled. Here, get step-by-step instructions for using a free trial for Oracle Cloud and the recently released Cloud Developer Image to provision an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database and connect to it via Oracle SQLcl, all in a matter of minutes.
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