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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We look at data security in the age of AI. And we ask why people still ship data to a separate analytics environment when insights are waiting right inside their databases. Then we uncover why size still matters for executables—even as modern servers pack bodacious amounts of RAM. Plus, a new video about the modern food supply chain provides a visual feast.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor-at-Large  
Data Analytics
Flip the Model on Advanced Data Analytics
The process of gaining insight from data has long been the same: Extract data, transform it to be suitable for analytics, and then load it into a separate environment for analytic processing (ETL). But by running powerful analytics right inside the database itself, modern databases can deliver insights without using ETL in a separate environment. The results? Powerful insights faster, more cost-effectively, and more securely
Executable Size Still Matters, Despite Servers with Terabytes of RAM
In the old days, memory was a hard limit—if you blew the limit, performance would crawl or the system would simply hang. Today the limits are soft, especially in the cloud, where servers can hold more than 1 TB in memory. So why does executable size still matter in a microservice architecture?
Video: LiDestri Improves Forecasts, Reduces Inventory and Waste
“We hate to throw good products away,” says LiDestri Food and Drink CIO John Matrachisia. In this visually scrumptious video, he shows the food supply chain and discusses how LiDestri was able to decrease food waste and save money with superior forecasting in Oracle Demand Management Cloud.
Security Report
What Oracle’s ‘Security in the Age of AI’ Report Reveals About Today’s Threats
One conclusion from Oracle’s new security report: You can’t improve cybersecurity by throwing people at the problem. That’s mostly because humans can’t cope with the scale and stealth of today’s cyberattacks. The best way to protect data, applications, networks, and mobile devices is to look to more automation and artificial-intelligence-based software. More top takeaways.
Driving Digital Transformation with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 
How does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure help customers become future-ready? “The value for our customers is they can protect those existing investments on premises and simply move those systems to the cloud,” says Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. So they can get the benefits of the cloud “without having to say goodbye to all the resources put into their infrastructure.” Is it a good fit for startups?
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