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June 2019

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What's New
bullet ODP.NET Entity Framework Core Beta 3. ODP.NET Entity Framework Core Beta 3 is available on The beta supports EF Core Code First and Scaffolding on Windows and Linux. Documentation is included.
Sample Code
bullet Connecting Azure Web Apps to Oracle Autonomous Database. This post guides .NET developers step by step to connect Azure Web Apps to Oracle Autonomous Database.
bullet Managed ODP.NET and ODP.NET Core 18.6. The latest managed ODP.NET and ODP.NET Core versions are now available on
Download Managed ODP.NET 18.6
Download ODP.NET Core 18.6
bullet Oracle Database XE Available for Windows (Download) Oracle Database 18c Express Edition (XE) is now available for Windows on OTN. It is free to use, even for production and distribution purposes. New in 18c, Oracle Database XE includes nearly all the single instance features that are in Enterprise Edition.
.NET Sample Code: Connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database. If you're getting started developing .NET applications for Oracle Autonomous Database, check out the new ODP.NET sample code for Oracle Autonomous Database on GitHub.    
bullet .NET Sample Code: Using Oracle Application Continuity. If you're getting started developing .NET applications for Oracle Application Continuity, check out the new ODP.NET Application Continuity sample code on GitHub. ODP.NET Sample Code
bullet Cloud Database Security - What Is There to Know?
bullet Loading Data into Autonomous Data Warehouse Using Data Visualization Desktop
bullet What Autonomous Database Does for Developers
bullet Introducing Oracle Database 19c
bullet Connect .NET Apps to Autonomous Transaction Processing
bullet Getting Started with Oracle DB XE on Windows
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Topics Include:
bullet Database Cloud Service
bullet PL/SQL 101
bullet Javascript and Oracle Database
bullet .NET and Visual Studio
bullet Sharding
bullet APEX Tips
bullet ORDS
bullet Smart DB
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