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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We explore the burgeoning role of the chief data officer. Then we look at the future of clinical trials as they evolve to include AI and “smart” assistants. Finally, we get tech advice for high-growth businesses and offer a step-by-step guide for developers using an autonomous database.

By Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Chief Data Officer
The Arc of the Chief Data Officer: On a Path Similar to CFOs’?
Much as modern chief financial officers (CFOs) strive to create a strategic view of their organization’s financial future, chief data officers (CDOs) can integrate all aspects of how their organization gathers and creates value from data. “When CEOs can rely on their CDOs to articulate the organization’s data strategy, it will be a clear sign that the role has reached its potential,” says Chuck Hollis, senior VP of cloud infrastructure at Oracle. The CDO trajectory.
Voice Assistants
How Voice Assistants Could Change Drug Research
Digital “smart” assistants may be able to aid patients, caregivers, and pharmaceutical companies involved in clinical trials and drug tests. So tech companies are moving quickly to develop artificial-intelligence-based software that can support and also protect the most-private conversations between patients and clinicians, says Katherine Vandebelt, who heads clinical innovation at Oracle. Five changes she sees coming.
High-Growth Business
Tech Advice for High-Growth Businesses
For Cetera, America’s second-largest independent financial advisor network, the catalyst to move to the cloud was a desire to improve productivity, deliver better data analytics, and eventually leverage artificial intelligence and robotics. “By moving to the cloud, we avoided making substantial investments in infrastructure, took control of our own data, and had fewer dependencies on IT,” says Jeff Buchheister, CFO at Cetera. The biggest surprise.
Arab Jordan Investment Bank
Video: Arab Jordan Investment Bank—Trust in Every Transfer 
“Our customers demand quick, easy, and secure transfers between our international subsidiaries,” says Arab Jordan Investment Bank CIO Ayman Qadoumi. Here he shares how AJIB eliminates transaction delays for customers using blockchain in Oracle Cloud. Keeping data safe.
Tech Dive
Tech Dive: The Complete Guide to Getting Up and Running with Oracle Autonomous Database
In this step-by-step guide for developers, you can focus on using Oracle Autonomous Database, specifically Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, to persist data to and retrieve it from microservices. Worried you’re limiting yourselves to traditional table-based data? You’ll see that several options are available for less-traditional storage with Autonomous Transaction Processing. What’s the first step?
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Press Release: Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated Service
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