Architect Community Newsletter | July 2019
Do Bloody Anything: The Changing Role of the DBA
Do Bloody Anything: The Changing Role of the DBA
With Maria Colgan, Julian Dontcheff, Tim Hall, Lucas Jellema, Brendan Tierney, Gerald Venzl
Powerful forces are re-shaping the role of the Database Administrator. In this program the panel discusses the evolve-or-perish choices that face those in that role.
Autonomous Transaction Processing: Advantages for Developers
Oracle Autonomous Database and Emerging Technologies 
Interview with Gerald Venzl, Master Product Manager for Oracle Cloud, Database and Server Technologies
What new features are available in Oracle Autonomous Database? What impact does Autonomous Database have on the role of the DBA? Gerald Venzl answers these and other questions..
Setting Up a Front-End JavaScript Application with Oracle JET
Setting Up a Front-End JavaScript Application with Oracle JET
By Geertjan Wielenga, Senior Principal Product Manager. Oracle JET and NetBeans IDE
How easy is it to set up a front-end JavaScript application with Oracle JET? Get the answer in this 2 Minute Tech Tip.
Tech Articles
bullet Build and Deploy a Helidon Microservice Using Oracle Developer Cloud
by Abhinav Shroff 
bullet Graduating from Minimal to Rich Java APIs
by Donald Raab
bullet Oracle Container Services for use with Kubernetes - Certificates (and how to Update them!)
by David Gilpin
bullet Correlation calls for Common Cause Consideration
by Lucas Jellema
bullet DTrace a Docker Container
by Elena Zannoni
bullet Running Oracle JET on Heroku with Node.js (JET Showcase)
by Andrejus Baranovskis
bullet Oracle JET 7 Released - New version of Oracle’s Open Source JavaScript Extension Toolkit 
bullet New Analytics and Data TechCast Series
bullet Download Oracle OpenJDK 12, the current free Java release from Oracle
bullet Helidon 1.1.1 Released
bullet In A World Of Voice-Activated, ‘Pageless’ Services, Your 20-Year-Old Apps Can’t Keep Up
bullet Beyond The Code: Software Developers Explore Ethical Engineering In Berlin And Rome
Ask TOM Office Hours
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Ask TOM Office Hours
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Oracle Groundbreakers Tour LATAM 2019
August 2-28, 2019  | 12 Cities in Latin America
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POUG 2019
September 6, 2019 | Wrocław, Poland
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Oracle OpenWorld
September 16 -19, 2019 | San Francisco, California
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Oracle Code One
September 16 -19, 2019 | San Francisco, California 
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UKOUG Techfest 2019
December 1-4, 2019 | Brighton, United Kingdom
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