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Chris Murphy
For you this week:
This week we learn about a new chatbot, dubbed Holly, now handling nearly 40% of a package delivery company’s customer support queries. Also, Oracle lays out a new vision for its own cloud analytics products, and we meet three companies betting very big on cloud apps.

Chris Murphy, Oracle 
Cloud Apps
How Cloud Apps Can Future-Proof Operations
In September 2017, Sportable Scoreboard went all-in on cloud applications, from financials to sales to manufacturing. Now sales reps for the scoreboard manufacturer can track new opportunities, log new quote requests, and merge the quotes with existing accounts in near real time without creating duplicate records as they did in the past. Two more companies getting ahead with the cloud
How to Put Analytics in Business Users’ Hands
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are among the technologies in the simplified Oracle Analytics product line that will “result in a dramatic reduction of human effort, putting analytics directly in the hands of business users,” said Oracle’s T.K. Anand, discussing a new, customer-centric vision for Oracle Analytics. 
Email Hackers
Stop Email Hackers Before Your Employees Start Clicking
Email-based phishing is the most common type of cybersecurity attack, experienced by 27% of the respondents in “Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019.” FireEye has long been offering tools to detect such attacks with sophisticated email filtering that subjects messages to a battery of tests. And now the software is available as a cloud service hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Holly: Digital Assistant
Meet Holly: A Digital Assistant Handling 38% of Chat Volume
Last fall the fast-growing package delivery company Hermes launched a digital assistant named Holly to “manage routine interactions quickly and effectively,” says Chris White, director of customer experience at Hermes. Seven months later, Holly is handling 38% of all chat volume—helping customers track shipments, change delivery orders, update account preferences, and more—and Hermes has reduced the number of support interactions that require a human by 30%. 
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