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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We look at how having high-performance computing on tap in the cloud is driving change in diverse areas such as climate science, economics, and nuclear physics. Then we show you what it takes to deliver those online orders to your doorstep the next day. Plus, learn from Oracle’s own journey to the cloud at Oracle OpenWorld.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Go Big: High-Performance Cloud Computing Scales to Millions of Jobs
High-performance computing, the kind used in areas as diverse as engineering, biotechnology, and digital animation, is now vastly easier to obtain in the cloud. “If you wanted a 50,000-core cloud cluster today, you could turn it on as soon as the online registration is completed—and be scheduling a million jobs that day,” says Oracle’s Taylor Newill. By contrast, the same cluster from a major hardware provider would take about two months to get turned on. Other big benefits.
Package Delivery
The Technology Powering Your Speedy Package Delivery
JASCI software’s cloud SaaS platform helps retailers and ecommerce companies handle one-, two-, and even same-day delivery. Its platform continually learns to optimize each customer’s workflow in real time, integrating with robotic operations and wearable technology to reduce labor-intensive operations and provide supply chain visibility. “Because we’re built on the most powerful cloud platforms, customers can start at any size and grow without limitations,” says CEO Craig Wilensky.
Cloud Journey
Oracle’s Own Journey to the Cloud 
At this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, attendees can visit the new Oracle@Oracle Experience to learn how Oracle’s internal organizations are using the Oracle Cloud platform to delight users, accelerate growth, and save money. “As the largest user of Oracle Cloud applications, we are excited to show off the results and share best practices,” says Oracle’s Douglas Kehring, executive vice president of corporate operations. 
Tech Dive: An Easier Way to Talk to Your Autonomous Database
Want to connect your Oracle Functions to your Oracle Autonomous Database instance to query and persist data? Here, learn to utilize Oracle REST Data Services to get data out of a simple user table in your Oracle Autonomous Transaction processing instance. The first step is to REST-enable the schema you’re going to be working with. 
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