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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We check in with a developer who’s wielding cloud tech and IoT sensors to help his daughter manage type 1 diabetes. Then we look at how emerging tech might flip the script on media and entertainment distribution, and explore some common-sense advice on integrated ERP.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Tech to Help His Daughter Handle Diabetes
Just weeks after Todd Sharp’s daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he built a progressive web app to help her make insulin dosage decisions. His app connects a Bluetooth food scale and wireless glucose monitor to various cloud services, including a cloud database and USDA nutritional data. He’s demoing his app at Oracle Code One—and hoping for audience feedback.
Peering into Fog Computing
“Edge computing” helps Internet of Things sensors provide split-second response times by moving compute power and analytics closer to the sensor. “Fog computing” does the same, but then also sends the data back to bigger computers for deeper, long-term analytics. This arrangement is seeing significant growth in areas such as autonomous cars, says Dragon Slayer Consulting’s Marc Staimer.
Media and Entertainment
Blockchain, AI and the Future of Entertainment
How can emerging technologies impact the media and entertainment industry? For one, “industry players could adopt blockchain to sell their content as digital tokens or in digital blocks instead of as physical media or movie tickets,” says Oracle Cloud Solution Hub Senior Director Jukka Paajanen. These tokens would leave a data trail that companies could analyze to learn more about their customers. What about AI? 
ERP Cloud
Fully Integrated ERP Cloud: Three Reasons Why
Reason #1: Gain from integrated warehouse and operations. Your warehouse isn't a standalone business, so don’t treat it as one. When warehouse management and ERP systems are connected, the two work in tandem to improve data accuracy. Two more reasons midsize business should know.
Oracle at Oracle
How Oracle Moved to the Cloud: A Deep Dive
At September’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, attendees can get an in-depth look at how Oracle achieved its complex, multinational transformation to the cloud. At the new Oracle@Oracle Experience, members of Oracle’s IT team and its front- and back-office operations teams discuss lessons learned along the way, answer questions, and provide demos.
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