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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We see how unifying data across your business makes AI smarter and sales agents happier. Then we check in with Oracle for Startups in The Land of Startups, and hear the story of how Atlanta’s cloud game plan paid off ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Tractor Parts
Three Steps to Using AI to Sell Tractor Parts and More  
Step 1: Unify customer data across the business. A service agent needs to know if a customer “just ordered a new tractor, so he doesn’t mistakenly offer her discounts on a backhoe attachment,” says Oracle Global Vice President Joe Fuster, who is discussing the topic at Oracle OpenWorld this year. “But the only way an agent would know that is if the sales application was integrated with the service app.” The next two steps.
Atlanta All Cloud
Atlanta Went for an All-Cloud ERP Strategy Before Kickoff
It was January 2019, and Atlanta was hosting the Super Bowl in February. Yet the City of Atlanta wanted to go live with its new cloud-based, back-office software before the high-profile event. The cloud made sense economically and operationally but was daunting, remembers Alfonso Piñan, director of financial systems service. How the city prepared for the move.
These Startups Are Shaking Up the Enterprise
Ever tried a chat app that doesn’t speak your language? BotSupply solved this shortcoming by extending Oracle Digital Assistant to more than 30 languages using its unique natural language processing. The company's technology helped Oracle sales teams across the globe close deals. Oracle’s Mamei Sun shares this and other stories from the Oracle for Startups program, plus advice from Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison.
Modern Finance
Three Things a Modern Finance Back Office Must Have
For one, you must be able to take advantage of emerging technologies such as the IoT, AI-based chatbots, and advanced voice-response systems. These can help you improve results and lower costs, according to a study by the Computing Technology Industry Association. The cloud undergirds these efforts. Here are two more capabilities your finance system needs now.
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