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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We hear from a guy who’s going to be busy at Oracle OpenWorld helping DBAs explore what machine learning capabilities in the Oracle Database can mean for them. Then we learn why Swiss banks are losing their reluctance about cloud computing and how a Mexican real estate company is using advanced analytics to grow by three million square feet a year. 

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
How DBAs Can Get Data Science Cred, Fast
Step 1 for database administrators: realize how important your data-wrangling abilities and SQL knowledge can be to the data science process. Next, learn basic data science practices and become familiar with the library of machine learning algorithms available to you right in Oracle Database, says Oracle’s Charlie Berger, who will be offering a ton of coaching at Oracle OpenWorld.
Swiss Bank
Swiss Banks’ New Outlook on Cloud
Swiss banks, influenced by decades of secrecy laws that have forbidden them from storing customers’ personal information outside the country, have been reluctant to move their software to the cloud. That reluctance is now fading, due to updated regulations and recommendations by an influential industry group, and the erosion of bank secrecy. 
Vesta Real Estate Uses Cloud to Power Expansion
Mexico’s industrial real estate company Vesta has been growing at a rate of three million square feet a year. Upgrading to a single business platform running in Oracle Cloud has helped the company improve its portfolio operations and strengthen its relationships with tenants, says Vesta’s Teodoro Díaz. The advanced analytics are “exactly what we need to help us continue our growth over the next 5 to 10 years,” he says. 
Cloud Networking
How to Solve the Biggest Cloud Networking Challenges
As companies create hybrid application and database environments, networking challenges change. In a recent Q&A with Oracle Magazine Oracle’s Charlie Baker talks about these changes and what kinds of cloud networking are needed for the best security, performance, and reliability. 
Oracle and Microsoft Expand Multicloud Alliance
Oracle and Microsoft Expand Multicloud Alliance
The collaboration between Oracle and Microsoft enables customers to interconnect the two companies’ clouds and simplify management for IT environments and individual applications that span both clouds. The alliance launched in Virginia and is now expanding to London.
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